Friday, December 21, 2007

Episodes 307, 308, 309, and 310

Read the comics here and here and here and here.

307: Completing the Uncle Norman three-day sub-theme. OJ gets ready to make his move.
308: Furthering the Fireman/LOLCAT II plot. They get ready to make their move.
309: Harvey, Earl, and Scotch. They get ready to make their move.
310: A Brief Interlude.

THERE. All caught up with the comics.

Man, once I get past the 24th, going back to one strip a day on weekdays only is going to be so nice.


Nick said...

Something about Harvey at the end of 309 makes me laugh.

baz said...

Dude, there's gonna be an explosion of plots soon. Can't wait!

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Yeah, I'm with Nick. I was thinking something *really* dirty about that picture.


Christopher Doyle said...

Ian, Nick:

That last panel is supposed to be *sad*!!

(But, yeah, I can see what you guys are talking about, too.)

Nick said...

Gah, Ian! That wasn't what I was thinking. XD

But, I do see it.