Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 13


No. No. NO. No. NO.
NO. NOOO. NO. No. NO. No. NO.
No. No. NO. NO. NO.

- "Advent 13", a classic LEGO Haiku


I...I just can't. I can't keep doing this.
Look, by now you know the routine. Just imagine the snarky comments around the following facts:

  • Day 15, 2005.
  • New face, different color legs.
  • But all the rest the same.
All the same.

always the same.


This is truly an "accessory" door. A couple of bottles (Red and White wine?), a mug, an apple, and a banana. And a couple of extra dots that could be wine stoppers, could be meatballs.

The fruit are rare LEGO bits, the banana in particular.

But otherwise, not a lot to report today. At least they let us build the bottles out of a few smaller bits, rather than just giving us Belville-standard bottles.


CITY...I wanted to give you the day. I really did. But I can't. You know I can't.



Saber Lion said...

I saw that coming.

Both suck.

Ranger Snow said...

Why, City? Why?
Apple and banana > Oil Jr. any day.

Jordan said...

Oh come on chris, lighten up, Just think now you can have an army of "Oil's".

By the way, what are we gonna have for comics in the future, Where will Whiskey lead us next,
Could we find out about the guy the grey frog talked about, You knoe "I bring news from URK"

TK1420 said...

I'm sure the Lego PR people would assert that the bottles contain juice... wouldn't do to be promoting alcohol consumption directly to the younguns.

Besides, Britney and Lindsey already have that market cornered...

Tahu said...

Looks like Ketchup & Mustard to me.