Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 19


For those of you who missed it, there's a speck of controversy over my choice of CITY over Belville for yesterday's match-up. I figured it would be a good time to try out a web-poll to see if it was just the squeaky wheels complaining, or if there was a real movement to give the Pooh-bear the win.

Right now the poll is showing 2-1 in favor of CITY. I'll leave it open until this time tomorrow, just to catch any straggler votes. But it looks like I was right after all. Neener.
(Link to vote: Click here)

Moving on, let's see what Day 19 has for us.


Wow. I don't even have to look back to previous years. Does today's torso look familiar to you? It should. We got one exactly like it back on Day 4. Yes, the CITY advent has already run out of ideas and is repeating itself.

The face is from Day 10, 2006, and the broom and legs are from Day 13, 2006.

Well, at least the black baseball cap is new to the CITY Advent. Yippidee-do.


Belville returns to the "Food" sub-theme today with this giant plate of ice cream. Or maybe it's a punch bowl? I'm not 100% sure, but it does look tasty.

The parts are also quite tasty. The big dish has been a part of the Belville world since the 90's, but this is the first time I've seen one. It has never had a crossover into the main LEGO themes, which is shocking, as it's going to be a very useful piece in the post-season.

The 1x1 round dots aren't overly special, nor is the 2x2 cylinder. The ice-cream topper, however, is another rare piece. We did see some identical ice cream back on Day 6, but the only other place to find this part in this color is in 2006's Belville "Winter Palace" set. Personally, I don't see having two super-rare parts in the same calendar as a drawback, particularly when they're mixed in with other, new, super-rare parts...


No questions today. CITY has failed in a most spectacular fashion.



jordan said...

The torso isn'y identicle, this time the pen is on the opposite side

Christopher Doyle said...


Where are you seeing flipped pens? The two characters appear side-by-side in strip 305, and the torsos are clearly the same there.

jordan said...

Look in the chest pocket, the pens are on opposite sides

jordan said...

Sorry. On the mini figs the pens are the same but if you look on the box the guy with the black hat has his pen on the right instead of the left