Sunday, December 9, 2007

All you do is Talk Talk Talk

I promised the members of my old forum that I'd make a post like this every once in a while.

Want to chime in about something, anything? An amusing link to share? Just want to gripe? Here's the thread to do it in.



Doug7172 said...

Well lets see..... Oh I am going to start a lego web comic on my new website (found here
" " ). It wont start for a while I need to build a few set and I need to get a few for other back ground (like the City harbour). I was really exited when I found out if I saved a comic made by me as a JEPG File instead as a GIF or a plain powerpoint thay upload to my brickshel and or maj. I made a comic a while ago that I finally uploaded (found here
" " )
I want to make this clear, I am a lego purist and those megabloacks are my brothers (hes 5), One day we built a house with his megabloacks and my Lego.

Doug7172 said...

Sorry thought links were auttomatic, Guess you will have to cut and paste...... :p

Joe said...

Just to let you all know, I'm starting MY Comic up on christmas day,

jordan said...


Can I ask howe Serenity 4 is doing coz I need to know how to build it


Zacknut said...

WTF is Brick Kink

ur a bad boy


Nick said...

Discuss. Then buy.

Please. :(

PR said...

erm i just remembered something about the comic...what happened to brick cola(cola brick i iz confuzzed)and the zombie holocaust?unless was killed them with his rob zombie thing..Rob zombie is scary...

Christopher Doyle said...


I'm on vacation the last week of December - I plan on putting in some hours on Serenity 4 then. In the meantime, I'm pretty swamped getting out these daily updates.


Go back and re-read the Morpheus arc - they left that reality behind.

Saber Lion said...

Hey, Chris. Can you sub categorize the latest few hundred episodes in the Archive? Just looks stupid stopping at 96 or whatever.