Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Episodes 291 and 292

Read the comics here and here.

291: In this strip I poke gentle fun at my wife, who spends way too much time squeeing over the baby animals at Cute Overload.

Earl was a last minute addition, mainly because when I was assembling the strip a stray voice bubble made it look as if the carrot had something to say. Since I'm always interested in the opinions of produce, I let him talk.

And I can always use another character, right? Particularly one Zombie Wash is going to want to eat.

292: Mary Sue has a valid concern about any large grouping of fanboys. At every convention I've ever attended there was always at least a small clump of "unwashed" by the end of the weekend...


Ranger Snow said...

You misspelled "tourist" in the second panel of 292. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Christopher Doyle said...

Ranger Snow:

Thanks! Should be fixed now.

TK1420 said...

the obligatory link to Foamy the squirrel's "Rules for A-Kon" (applies to any fanboy event)
features a great rant on smelly fanboys: