Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 10


Day ten. If this were a boxing match, both fighters would be very, very tired. And would probably like a sandwich or something. I know I would.


*sigh.* Say "Hello again" to Day 19, 2006. That's when we last saw this outfit. But the head? Say "I can't believe LEGO would be that cheap" and turn back to Day Four of this Year's Calendar.

Yes, despite hundreds of already-designed Mini-fig faces at their beck and call, LEGO decided to repeat heads among the eight or so mini-figures we can expect within the CITY Advent Calendar. Was it a cost savings? Was it laziness? Or just a lack of respect for the customer?

I should have seen this coming when LEGO "updated" their City Workers figure pack to have nothing but the bland "LEGO Smile" head.

I guess this proves there's no individuality in the CITY.


I'm getting tired of all these pets and bits of room dressing. Can't we return to some sort of Holiday theme? Even just a Winter theme? Please????

Wait...what?? Today's item is a SNOWMAN? Amazing!

Well - sort of amazing. It's not much of a mini-model. And it might be a Schmoo rather than a snowman.

But, my goodness, it does indeed seem to be a holiday item.

How unexpected.


My ire at CITY runs at a new feverish level, but Belville gives me snow to cool it.



matt said...

my lego advent calendar lies in my dorm room. as i went home for the weekend i returned excited at the prospect of getting to open three doors today. i was disappointed.

as for today's entry, i wish i was born a girl.

lego's better get a move on soon, as Belleville is kicking its ass...for that one being $5 cheaper, it is inexcusable.

Saber Lion said...


window 9 opens day 10!

Taylis said...

I've been checking the each day "splash pages" as they come about, so was rather confused when the comic and blog postings were available for day 10, but day 10 still said "No peeking". Saber Lion's comment at least clarified that for me. Hope you can get day 9 restored and day 10 moved over soon!

As far as the sets themselves go, I'm really starting to regret the fact we didn't move early enough to secure a Belville calendar for my daughter. At least that one is a bit more holiday seeming than the last three (counting this year) City calendars combined. :P

Personally, I'd like to see a return to the first Lego advent calendar I got, which I believe was like 2003. If there was a "theme" to it, I guess it was a Creator theme, and the kits were all definitely holiday/winter themed. (Penguins, snowmen, I think there was even an elf in there) Will have to dig out the instructions for those and rebuild them to decorate with, since this City calendar (once again) just ain't cutting it.

Christopher Doyle said...


Good catch. I overwrote page 9 by accident this morning. It's fixed now.

A creator themed set would be cool - that was the first Advent calendar I reviewed, actually, long ago in Livejournal land.

There's just so much LEGO could do with the Advent theme, just from a marketing perspective. Even forgoing their licensed properties, they could do sub-theme set for each of their major brands and potentially suck in new customers who now have to "complete the set".

Or can you imagine a technic set that lets you build something HUGE by day 24?


Doug7172 said...

Hey chris Im famous Im in the lego advent calender! Well my sig.....Or at least it is his head...... But any way I had a real chuckle when I saw myself in the calender. Plz dont make my guy a (Isert bad ord starting with b). I need a good reputaition

Ranger Snow said...

I'm pretty sure today's city minifig is supposed to be a dock worker; I think he's also in the harbour set.
Also, that snowman sure is square.
By the way, loving this new format. I like being able to comment on the day's Advent prizes, seeing as i didn't pick one up for myself this year ($15 more expensive than last year's, yeowch).

Anonymous said...

lol city is gettign its Butt kicked by belville. Both are pretty lame, but the belville accualy will have some peces that are in unique elements(wants to buy transparent orange pieces)

Na said...

Belville's snowman reminds me of a Lego version of Mr Men

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the "A Boy And His Blob" game from the 90s or so.