Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Episode 305

Read the comic here.

Wednesday Part I. A bit of a heartwarming tale, since most of the Advent strips have been such downers this year.


bec said...

hey the torso's aren't identical.. just similar. Uncle Norm has grey stripes and nephew Normal has white.

just sayin.

Christopher Doyle said...


Sadly, that's just a trick of the light - I'll see if I can't scan them side by side in the morning.

somesome said...

can somewone tell mee what awm is doing and what oil jr is doing

Doug7172 said...

I have two thing unrelated to the comic

1, YOU HAVE POPUPS! WHY DO YOU HAVE FREACKIN POPUPS IN YOU BLOG!!!!! Stupid Persistent Annoying Messages. Thats right I called it.... SPAM!

2, I upgraded err pimped my rocket scooter thingy can I send it in (the pimped one) as a different entry?

Christopher Doyle said...


1) It might be that poll causing the pop-ups (first I've heard about them.)

I've removed the poll - if anyone else is getting popups from the blog, please let me know.

2) If your entry is basically the same I'd rather you had me replace the 1st one than entering two that are just variations of each other. The judges weren't too fond of the tactic last round where Jordan combined all his early entries into one big one at the end - so I'd like to avoid that in the future.

jordan said...

On the advent box the worker with the black hat has the pen on the right instead of the left.

Hey, that combo entry scored higher than my other ones but my prize still hasn't arrived:-(

Christopher Doyle said...


That advent box is just wacky. I mean, what's with the pretzel vendors? And the black valentine heart? Someone had too much eggnog when they were designing that thing.

As to the entry thing, just passing along what the judges said to me. They agreed the final version was coolest, but they questioned why they were seeing the same stuff so many times.

As to your prize, that's really annoying. I spent twice what the set cost at retail on postage. Let me know if it doesn't show up by Jan 1, and I'll resend. (Luckily I scored a few of that particular prize. If a big set had gone missing...yuck.)

Heck, you'll probably win something in the December challenge, and I'll package them both together.

Taylis said...

If you look at the very edge of the heart (just about the train conductor's hand), you'll see it is actually red. It's just mostly in shadow.