Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 18


Is it repetition, or a holiday tradition? A shocking alternative viewpoint that I'll be ignoring for the rest of the countdown.


Completing the three-day Trains sub-theme we have this signaling device. Now, as I've discussed recently, I'm not a train guy. I have no idea if this is an accurate mini-model or not. (I assume at least one of my readers is better versed in all things train-like than I. Feel free to enlighten the rest of us in the comments.)

I do wonder, though, why there are four lights, but only two colors. Wouldn't a four color system make more sense?

Anyway, as I mentioned in today's comic, the lights are at least red and green, making them vaguely Christmas-y. (In the same way a traffic light is vaguely Christmas-y) I should also acknowledge that the red and white "danger" striping on the earlier CITY barricades was also sort of "Candy Cane-ish".

Yes, it's a stretch. But I'm trying to give CITY a chance.


Another "mystery to me" door. The teddy bear I get. It falls in to the "Fairy Princess Bedroom theme" The barrel of yellow dots and the shovel? No idea.

It is meant to be a Winnie the Pooh mention, with the props being a barrel full of honey?

Is it...um....a social commentary on "Gold Diggers" and how they're really teddy bears at heart?

Does anyone know of a fairy tale or children's story that might fit this mix of items?


The teddy bear is a rare piece for LEGO - but that's the only thing that the Belville door has going for it. After deducting a few points from Belville for "they just picked up some random crap and put it in the same baggie", CITY ended the day with a clear lead.



Saber Lion said...

IT'S A GOLDEN BEAR!! How can that lose?

It's brilliance.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with the bear and his
"pooh-per scooper". No, the train signal thingy doesn't accurately represent any real signal very well, it's just lame.

somesome said...

THERE IS NO reason this i the blog entrey i am saving this coment for.just 3 words doyle.stop.bieng.rude.sorry about my rubish spelling

Christopher Doyle said...


Stop being rude? Color me confused on that one. I may be a bit curmudgeonly, sure...but rude?

Christopher Doyle said...

Saber, Anoyymous:
Go vote your feelings. Belville might trounce CITY yet today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that having something that looks like a gift, and a rare one at that, made for a much better advent entry than a train light that in coincidentally the holiday's colors.

Plus, it's like the Poopsmith as a bear.

JimmytheJ said...


What a signal shouldlook like.

Model-wise the signal's more fun to make, but the bear has a bear... I vote for the rare bear-them yellow dot's aren't that common either.