Friday, December 7, 2007

Episodes 282 and 283

Read the comics here and here.

The LOLCat continues its reign of terror. Don't worry - he'll be gone before the weekend's out.

Still no idea where the CITY side of the story is headed. Such is the mystery of writing for the Advent.

OH. And just because it's sort of funny: The strip would have been late today, regardless. Remember the renovations we're doing to our house? Well, the contractors managed to sever our phone and data lines earlier today. We just got the internet back a short while ago. (Thanks in large part to some superior customer service from WOW. A tech in and out in under an hour on a Friday evening? Amazing.)

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Nick said...

Xcuz me

Whar am litur?

Lolcat has me loling everywhere in today's comics! XD