Thursday, December 6, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 6


I have to say, I'm so not in the holiday spirit for today's reviews. The home repair that kept me from getting Day 4 out in a timely manner is being...difficult. So difficult, in fact, that last night the wife and I had to stay at a hotel because some, shall we say, essential plumbing wasn't quite ready at the end of the day.

*grumble grumble*

Okay, LEGO, let's see what you've got for me today. It had better be good.


Another barricade.

Okay, I guess this is more of a "road sign" or "warning sign" than a barricade. But a big arrow pointing downwards - not a particularly good sign. Get it? NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Ha. What an awesome joke. I am teh funny today.

There are also a few extra pieces. Yesterday's door also had these same three bits as extras. I don't think that has any sort of cosmic significance, though.


Belville. Hrm. In the strip I joked that they seemed to be working their way through the seven deadly sins. We'd seen lust (the bed, the bottle of lotion) and greed (the chest of gems) already. I guess that makes today GLUTTONY. We've got a goblet of ice cream, a giant croissant, and a jug of wine. Not a bad spread, honestly.

The gold-toned plate is a nice accessory, and the food pieces are somewhat hard to find, but other than that today's set is really pretty plain. Not a lot of complex building going on.

Today's CITY set uses the same "build the decoration out of tiles, rather than a sticker" choice that I admired in yesterday's offering. Plus, they used a bunch more of the transparent orange dots that I love.


I think CITY takes the day for having an actual mini-set to build.



Jordan said...

Yay I was right Lego came out wit summet good for city

F.J. said...

Is that LOLCAT thing from It seems to be that stlye.

Christopher Doyle said...

It's in the style of that site, but I created the text in the same program I use to create the strip normally. (Just used Arial Black font with a 3pt stroke)

Anonymous said...

Boo! We want a recount! LOL I really like the gold plate and croissant. Fits well in a castle.

PR said...

yay city won! city:2 belville...4