Sunday, December 2, 2007

Episodes 274 and 275

Read the comics here and here.

I decided that if I have to do more than one strip on a given day, each one is getting an individual number. Maybe this way I can finally start catching up to Ian's page count...

It's really turning out to be flashback city with the CITY calendar. I'll gripe about that in the Advent Madness post, but it's worth mentioning here, too. I'd be completely disgusted with LEGO, except that the Belville calendar, by virtue of being "first in the series", continues to delight.

Well, okay, maybe "delight" is too strong a phrase. It's hardly a Classic Space or Castle calendar. But man am I sick of seeing the same sets over and over in CITY. (And it's only Day TWO!)

If you haven't read the 2005 Advent Countdown, I suggest you go and take a look. It appears that it might just be important to this year's plot...

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Ian Thomas Healy said...

Both of those strips made me laugh out loud. Nicely done!