Friday, December 7, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 7


Seven days in, Seventeen to go.

I've noticed that some folks have been lifting my Advent review photos to use on Brickshelf. That's fine, but please put a mention about Reasonably Clever somewhere in the folder description, eh? Just to be polite.


Day seven is an (3n+1) day, so that means we get a new CITY sub-theme. Looks like this time it's going to be "Airport."

We saw this torso last year, and the head is also recycled. The combo of parts, though, is at least a unique mix. It feels almost like we're seeing a new Advent character.


Okay - more furniture. The on-line guides are listing this as "Chair and Desk Lamp", but honestly I'm not seeing it.

Oh, the lamp is clear enough, if a bit iffy in the construcion. But that other thing is supposed to be a chair? Would you sit on something with that uncomfortable of a back?

It looks more like a writing desk to me. Or maybe an altar. Yes, that's it. A Pagan altar of sacrifice. That'd fit into the fairy tale theme - provided you were reading one of the early, bloody versions of Little Red Riding Hood...


I really don't care for today's Belville offering. Neither model is very interesting, recognizable, or well crafted.

CITY, at least, gives us a cheery looking mini-figure to start off a new three-day sub-theme.

For the first time in a few days we have a clear winner.



Jordan said...

Yay, City won again, Come on city.

PR said...

YAY! city is almost tide yipeeeeeee
hope they win today