Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 16


We got hit with a lot of snow here in Michigan today. The white is a big improvement over the dead-grass-brown we've had to look at for the past few weeks. Clearing it away might not have been a lot of fun, but it was pretty.

I came to today's doors hoping for a bit of holiday flavor to complement the weather. Care to place bets on how well that went?


Just to save time for anyone who decided to go look for duplication: Day 10, 2006.

It's not so much the repetition that gets me today, so much that the head I use for my own little mini-avatar (See the BLOG icon in the menu bar) ended up on a train-themed torso.

Long time readers will know it's a personal battle for me not to get sucked into the world of LEGO trains. I figure I've already sacrificed one room in our home to a building area for just "general stuff". I really, really, really don't have room to do a train layout.

Or so my wife assures me.

Anyway. Today being the start of a new mini-theme, I suppose we have two more days of train-related fun to wade through. Yee haw.


Well what do you know. A fireplace. With a giant Snowflake sculpture on top.

That sounds like a holiday themed door to me!

That snowflake piece is pretty cool. It's cast in translucent purple, and would be an interesting join for some SNOT (Studs Not On Top) building in the post-season.

The rest of the parts are pretty common, excluding a second "snowman hat" part (We saw it for the first time back on Day 10 of this year.)

But still - it was nice to see something warm after being out in the snow for several hours.


While a mini-fig (even a repeat mini-fig) is nice, Belville once again manages to serve up some Holiday Goodness right when you least expect it. Beyond just the cool parts, the mini-model was recognizable and well constructed. I'm sure it won't last, but for today, all is right with the world. In Belville, at least.



Ranger Snow said...

So far, Conductor Chris here is the best fig in the advent, seeing as the head is new and not just "last two year's figs thrown in a hat"
But yeah, that fireplace has quite a few parts in it. 4x4 plates are always welcome.

PR said...

he reminds me of the conductor from the polar express...i named him tom