Thursday, December 13, 2007

Episodes 293 and 294

Read the comics here and here.

Two different approaches to stress today - Fox kicks back with a lucky Door win, Whiskey goes nuts with yet another visitor to the set.

I probably should have had Floyd make her joke about her arms earlier...but I didn't have a good spot until now. And to let it go even longer would have probably been worse. Eh. Hopefully one of the two strips earned a chuckle from someone.


Na said...

I giggled at the city one... although it's 2.30am here and I haven't eaten since lunch time... so who knows?

What no Earl? I was so looking forward to talking carrots

Christopher Doyle said...


I had a voice bubble for Earl, but it broke up the flow of the other dialog.

He'll be back tomorrow, though.

Nick said...

I liked the Chirsmas Story reference.