Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 4

VS Running a bit late - so without any undue buildup, let's go over what showed up on the 4th.


Like the past two CITY Advent calendars, each "theme" appears to run three days. So, with "Fireman' played out, we now move on to "Construction Worker."

Have we seen this theme before? Of course.

Have we seen this particular mini-figure before? Very, very nearly. Say "Hello again" to Day 9, 2005 after a nap, a shave, and some Prozac. He's given up his jack hammer for a pick axe, and has a more cheerful face, but otherwise...repeat.

No holiday cheer to speak of, no extra parts...a sad way to start the sub-theme.


A transparent pink treasure chest. I wonder at the logic. I mean, a chest is meant to keep things safe from theft. Isn't making it transparent a bit of a tease? And then to put a giant crystal on the top at decoration...I dunno. Maybe it's not a chest so much as a decorative reliquary.

Either way, it comes with a bunch of gems in pink and trans-clear - very rare colors as far as LEGO gems go.

I guess it continues the "Princess Bedroom" theme...if Belville can be said to be following a theme at all at this point.

So...some nice rare parts, but otherwise...meh.

I'd like to give this one to CITY. A Mini-Figure is truly more fun than a chest, even if it is full of rare gems. But after deducting points for the re-run content, Belville edges ahead for the day.



Jen said...

The crystalline structure of the gem makes me think of the Fortress of Solitude--could you work that into one of the storylines in the comic? Plleeeeeaase? Luff, JE

necKros said...

You should put a counter to see clearly which calendar is winning.

I guess we go... CITY 1, Belville 3?

Hahaha... you are making a huge job.

Jordan said...

Hurry up its day 5. I need my comic Fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also reckon legos gonna come out with summet great on day 6

Christopher Doyle said...


No room for Supes in this arc, but I'll keep that in mind for a possible link to the next storyline. :)


I thought about that, but I figure a giant scorecard at the end might be a more interesting way to go. I know I'm trying not to think of the score when I'm writing the reviews. I'd like to think that CITY might actually win this, despite my gripes about repetition...

Anonymous said...

*drools over the blue crystal*