Saturday, December 8, 2007

Advent Madness: Day 8


Hey! An update before noon! It must be the weekend!


Oh, CITY. You were doing so well, too. I had high hopes that yesterday's mini-figure was a pilot...not ground crew. But I guess that's all he was meant to be. Today you have him schlepping luggage to and fro.

Yes, Day 8, my dear friends. The day of the Luggage Cart.

Let's compare with last year's luggage cart, seen on Day 5, 2006. Go look. I'll wait.

Well, in comparison, we have an actual bit of building to do. That's a plus. And if you do have last year's calendar you now have enough luggage to keep things from falling off on this years set. Good luck getting things to balance with only the two cases provided today.

The parts themselves feel bland and mis-matched. Maybe they were going for a realisitic color scheme, but today's door just looks "last minute, need an Airport sub-set, what have you got??" to me.

Sorry, CITY, I'm not impressed.


Perhaps I was too hasty in declaring that Belville was free of sub-themes. Right now it looks like we'll have two of them: Furniture and Pets.

Or, like today, a combination of the two.

Today we get a little cat basket/bed thingie, some dots that are either balls of yarn or cat droppings that hint at the need for medical attention.

Oh yeah, and a tiny, that is to say Mini-Fig scaled, cat. With a printed face! (Not a sticker. Oh my. Can you imagine trying to apply a cat face sticker? Not fun.)

Anyway, the fringe of the bed-thingie are very useful parts when building mini-fig vehicles. They allow room for the figure's arms while allowing an easy match-up with the standard width on LEGO canopies. So good re-use potential there.


Today's doors are almost an inverse of Day 7. City gives us a nearly unrecognizable mess, and Belville gives us someone new to add to our adventures.

Sorry, CITY fans, today is firmly in Belville territory.



Ian Thomas Healy said...

If only Mr. Fluffernutter had a face like that - imagine what I could do with him! LOL


Zacknut said...


takua-777 said...

cat face sticker?

cat face
hes got a big cats face
hes got the body of a cat and the face of a cat
and he flies through the air
'cos he's got a cat face
cat face.