Saturday, December 8, 2007

Episodes 284 and 285 AND 286

Read the comics here and here AND here.

A triple comic update. Man, I hope I don't need to do too many of these. I thought it'd go quick, but trying to figure out how to handle 286's effects took waaaay too long.

Things that I almost did, but didn't:
Draw big cartoon "X"es over the LOLCat's eyes in 284
Have Morpheus-Cat licking at the blood with "Lick Lick Lick" sound effects

Yeah, there's a reason I went with the "Santa-tised" thing. Sometimes my head is a scary place to live in.

Oh: Further reading for those of you who didn't get the Black Cat/Firecracker joke.


Nick said...

Poor airport guy. He just wanted to see the fake fire, now he's cleaning up dead Lolcut. :(

Doug7172 said...

Hey Chris I asked you how to do a webcomic because I did my comics with power point with no way to upload them. But I found out by saving them (my pics) as JPEG files IO couuld upload them. You can find my comic I had made Five months ago (Yes I used my brothers megablocks). So once agian here is the link

Rember this is a test try!

Oh and I found the comics (yours) extremly funny.

Anonymous said...

lolcat returns!