Monday, May 25, 2009

Toybox of FAIL: City

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Today, another something new and differrent! A set called....Pirate!

Okay, just kidding. We're moving on to a new sub-series in the Little White Dragon bootleg line. We've left the worlds of the Western Mutant Pirate behind us and traveled to...the CITY!

There isn't an exact match in the LEGO catalog for this bootleg, but the basic construction of the pumps has been around since 1986's Service Station.

Here's the collection of odd parts. The hose assembly is actually a duplicate of LEGO construction, but normally LEGO would have attached the ends before sending the product out to consumers. LWD, unsurprisingly, had no such concern. The handle for the hose is non-LEGO, as is the briefcase. Both are very close to their LEGO origins, but scale and details have been modifed enough to suggest these are new molds - or at least molds copied from yet another innocent victim.

The mini-figure has a standard LEGO expression on his face, but considering the odd geometry of the piece used for the head I can't claim it's a direct copy of LEGO's design. The hair, at least, is definitely not a LEGO part - a switch from the cloned hats in the LWD Pirate sets.

Here's the whole set. Note the giant pliars/scissors and drill; strage tools for a gas station attendant. "Wash your windshield? No? How about I trim some hedges for you?"

This set feels more like a Playmobil set than a LEGO knock-off to me. Maybe that's just the packaging getting to me, though. Or the fumes from the plastic.

Yeah, gotta be the fumes.

As always, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Dave said...

Mabye the tools are for him to do some diy to the cars or the clippers are for his hair dressers serice.

Ben said...

Do the ends come off the lego hoses?

That guy over there said...

On the old LEGO hoses, the ends were seperate pieces. They could be removed and also swiveled. The new pieces are all one piece now...

ILikePi said...

Those tools were also in this Tank clone LEGO brand set by "Best-Lock". I wonder which brand copied which?

Some pictures:

ILikePi said...

Oh, I also want to point out that the pearl silver wheel pieces were also copied. The picture of the wheels are in the second link I provided.

Christopher Doyle said...


Heh. I just found the Best Lock sets today as well! Check out their Mini-figures...they're the same style as the LWD issue. It's pretty clear LWD is using BL parts to recreate LEGO sets. A Clone of a Clone making Clones.

I'm not going back to edit all the previous reviews...but I do talk about Best Lock in tomorrow's FAIL. :)

Jacqui said...

Got this with Wimpy, too.


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