Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad Day: Bad Day Winner!

It's time to wrap up the Bad Day contest. All this week we've been revealing the winners in each category, leading up to the big one...the Bad Day itself.

This was the most-entered category - probably because the top prize was that uber-sweet set, 7637 - Farm. Yes, builders will go a long way to take home a couple of Holsteins.

Like the Basic Module results, I've modified the entry grid to show the ranking of the top ten models with the rest of the crowd under the well-deserved heading of "Honorable Mentions."

But you can find out the top prize winner by just reading on...

Roguebantha's A sad day

Yes, the same model that claimed the Special Judge's Prize was also the model that unanimously earned top honors from the contest judges. Can you blame us? Just look at that model. Just LOOK AT IT!

Clever, well designed, and an AFOL in-joke all in one. It tugs at the heartstrings with the message that some disasters are personal in scope. Well played, Roguebantha. Well played.

Actually, all of our contestants did very well. The strict building rules may have kept the number of entries down, but it also helped keep the quality of those entries uniformly high. I consider this one of the most successful contests so far.

And, remember, just because this contest has ended there's no reason to give up on Micropolis. TwinLUG is going to have a display at BrickWorld where everyone is welcome to contribute a module. Take advantage of this chance to build with a larger crowd! I know I'm looking forward to the chance.

A special thank you to TwinLUG, our Judges, and all those who took part in the competition!

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