Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad Day: Double Module Winners

The Bad Day parade of winners continues today with the Double Module category.

The top model in this category scored LEGO Set 7632 - Crawler Crane, with the second place finisher taking home set 4916 - Mini Animals.

Before the reveal, let me say that both the Double and DoublePlus categories were extremely tough for the judges. We only had a handfull of entries, and all of them were top quality work. Still, someone had to win...

FutureTown: Repair Shop and Landing Port

The judges were mixed on who should earn top honors, but the average point total put Rook's effort at the head of the pack by a full point. Personally, I think that's due to the stylish twist on his Landing Port sub-module.

Again, this was a tough call - take a moment and bask in the creative glow from the other entries. It'll be well worth your time.

Tune in tomorrow for the DoublePlusGood Module winners!

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