Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daily Fail: Push Soil

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So far in this latest batch of bootlegs we've seen a strange naming convention. Each toy is named with a [verb] [noun] combo that almost, but not quite, makes sense. We've seen "Flatten Road" and "Fork Car" already. Today we move on to "Push Soil".

Push Soil has a stock number of 1015, putting it right after Fork Car in the latest run of FAIL. As far as models go, Push Soil isn't something I would have recognized as a bulldozer - I would have called this another strange race car knock-off and gone on never knowing the difference.

The graphics on the box are a little strange, too - Is that a war zone in the background? Is the Push Soil's front bumper shooting a force beam like Cyclops of the X-Men? (I guess that'd be one way to "push soil".)

The back of the package is fairly standard. Notice, though, that two of the alternate models use different bricks than the third. (The red or blue "shovel" parts are pretty obvious.)Truly an amazing transformation.

The package art would lead us to expect a standard Zephyr Knight mini-figure with the inverted Blacktron torso we've seen so many times before. But no. Not this time.

Instead, we get a construction worker with a sleeveless skiing outfit and a grey army helmet. Sure. That makes sense.

Here's the Push Soil. The parts fit together okay, but as usual the control sticks hang limp like overcooked noodles.

Remember: This is a bulldozer. Really.

Did I say the parts fit together okay? Apparently I was lying. It's hard to Push Soil when the whole front end snaps off when you try and seat the mini-figure.

Oh well. It's not as if the mini figure was going to be able to reach the control sticks anyway.

As always, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Martijn said...

Hardly anything new here today. Another FAILed model, another minifig that looks nothing like the one on the package, even though ZK actually bothered to atleast photograph one of their own.
I am surprised to see that the model's colors actually match the colors of the model on the front of the box. Quite an achievement for ZK.

Monica said...

When I saw the original a couple days ago, I thought it was supposed to be a snowplow...a bulldozer fits more with the "agregation" theme or w/e it's called...more like "aggravation"!

Jordan said...

Eeerm well, since all this fail stuff is good the reasonably clever I like has well, died. Comics and fail have taken over EVERYTHING. weve not had a serenity update for months and I've complately lost track of the comics. I would love to see fail return to its weekly state and see some more, even if only minor serenity 4 updates.

Christopher Doyle said...


Unfortunately, it's going to be a long time before I return to the Serenity projects. My current building projects are going to keep my busy through at least July.

That's not to say you won't see other old and new topics come back up here...all these other side projects will eventually come to light, after all. I'm also working on adding LEGO reviews back into the mix (a frequent request) and there's some other surprises in the works as well.

I do appreciate your feedback - but I've given up trying to please anyone but my own selfish desires when it comes to the content I generate here. Because, honestly, if I don't feel like doing it, it's not going to be worth reading/viewing.

Thomas said...

So, you flatten the road, then you push the soil, then you fork the car...

NickB said...


I really enjoy what you are doing here and the daily fails never get boring. While I love the strip, producing one a day for so long must have been massively taxing.

Looking forward to set reviews.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it's a good thing that he can't reach the controls. With any luck he'll drive right into a minefield, or over a cliff, or into a den full of angry bears. We can always hope.