Monday, May 4, 2009

Bad Day: Entry Grids are closed!

The Bad Day contest has ended, the entry grids have been updated with the expected rush of last minute creations, and now the anticipation builds as things are turned over to the judges.

I hope to have the grading spreadsheets in the judge's hands in the next couple of days - hopefully we'll be able to begin announcing winners late next week.

The final count was 45 legal creations spread over the four categories. We saw the most action in the Bad Day grid - looks like a lot of you wanted a shot at the Farm. Can't say I blame you.

A warm thank you to TwinLUG for sponsoring this contest and to all the builders who took the time to compete! And don't forget - if you're attending Brickworld in June, there's going to be a huge Micropolis layout you can take part in. So, even now, it's not too late to be thinking about building for Micropolis!

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