Friday, May 1, 2009

Daily Fail: Machine Battlealarm

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Savvy readers may be able to guess the generic theme to today's Fail. Yes, it's another Spider-Bootleg. But NO, it's not another motorcycle. Today's fail is a bit more surreal.

Before we get to the pictures let me assure you that I have no idea what a "Machine Battlealarm" is, either.

Spider-Bootleg blasts across a post-apocolptic landscape in today's offering from BRICK. Like the other toys in this set, this one comes in a box sized for a deck of cards with the standard insipid BRICK text and slogans.

Like the other sets, the box suggests that it's aimed at ages six and up. You think your average six year old would know better.

The tiny instruction sheet reveals a very strange build. The basic vehicle is reminiscent of another BRICK set: City Ancgl. Once again step 5 offers up some very skewed perspectives. Either that or Spider-Bootleg grows a relative foot between steps five and six.

Here's Spider-Bootleg checking out the completed model. He seems a bit confused. Perhaps the rear mounted propeller has given him pause. Or perhaps it's because he realizes that if he's gripping the handles on the roof-mounted cannon the implication is that he's steering the vehicle with his penor.

He just isn't buying it, is he gang? That's a serious "WTF?" expression on his face.

Looks like this particilar Spider-Bootleg clone is smarter than his vehicle. Excuse me: Smarter than his Machine Battlealarm.

Not that being smarter than the Machine Battlealarm is particuarly tough. I've seen meth addicts who could send the MB packing.

There are two more sets to go in this BRICK assortment - can things possibly get worse?

You bet they can.

See you Monday.

Many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Bobert said...

Drive with what!?

Ben said...

he must have some serious penor dexterity to steer that thing.
and his only expression is WTF

Danny said...

If you look the scale of the gun is off in step 5 also

erik said...

Actually, I don't find it very bothersome that I don't know what a Machine Battlealarm is. For most Exoforce or Bionicle sets I don't have a clue what the thing is either.

But a battlealarm is just a bit less intriguing than a city ancgl.

Anonymous said...

lol its the mega blox spiderman head