Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 689x

Read the comic here.

A bonus episode - based on today's xkcd strip: Outreach

No, it's not a real crossover - just a fan tribute.

Normal service will resume shortly.


aussiechef67 said...

I am seriously LOLing at this one. I had checked out XKCD before I found this one and "got it".

I laughed so hard I squirted coffee out my nose.

At $3.50 a cup that's some expensive mucolytic agent!

WV - maica. Next time I will read my web comics BEFORE I maica cup of coffee.

John Eddy said...

I snorked out loud.

I saw the shark and thought 'WTF, is this xkcd?' before I even got to the 'See xkcd' text.


Ben said...

wow. just wow.

wv: nesse, a Scottish myth

Martijn said...

Cameos. Gotta love them. Especially when they appear at such a most unlikely moment ^^

Uncle Servo said...

Two words -- "LAND SHARK!!!!"