Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Episode 694

Read the comic here.

As is her purpose, Mary Sue stands in for the reader to point out that despite the promise of simplification, things have gotten confusing again.

Bilbo speaks for me, showing how straight forward and linear everything is.

Fox points out that, as usual, I'm full of it.

Tomorrow: An actual plot point. I promise.


Ben said...

another plot point, why the plot will just get going again just in time for advent time

Christopher Doyle said...


Well, more accurately a "plot summary with a bit of new info". You'll see what I mean tomorrow.

As to the advent...not sure how I'm going to handle that this year. There's going to be both a Pirate and a CITY I may just revamp the VS process and keep the Advent out of the strip this year. Depends on where things are in terms of the story...we've a fair bit of distance to travel before December, after all.

Great escaper said...

Believe or not, Im actually starting to see where your coming from with this strip, however I still had to read it like five times before I started seeing droplets of sense, like droplets of water in the middle of the Sahara.

Shinkiller said...

*Raises eyebrow...*


Zepher said...

I love you. I'm so very appy. This is possibly the best twist this strip has taken i... a year now? When did they go back in time and capture Pat... after that everything was just kind of crazy, especially since I never saw the Matrix! But this is perfect. They're finally... becoming a plot. It's fantastic, and your mantaining a funny story the whole way through! It's outstanding actually! Congrats, I'll be so glad when everything's explained and when everythings back on track. You need a super villian though. You must have an ultimate Red Herring. That would make this whole side-plot not go to waste. It's funny, but leaving it as just Red Herrings will leave, about... what? A year of worthless strip. Make sure something comes out of it!

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