Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Fail: Interstellar Battleplan

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Missing letters. We've seen in before in sets from BRICK like "City Ancgl" - add a vowel or two and suddenly you have real words. But what about when dropping a letter (or two) gives you a name that still (sort of) works? Is it intentional? Is it a mistake? Does anyone really care?

Case in point: Interstellar Battleplan. Did they mean "plan" or "planE"? Or maybe "Plain"? Or how about just "SUCK"?

Yes, anther Spider-Fail. Yes, it's the same as the other BRICK Spider-Fails. Pack-of-cards sized box. The same bad translations around the sides. Nothing too special there.

The set itself is a copy of another bootleg set: Xin Qi Le's Intelligence Toy Glider, which is itself a bootleg of LEGO's X-Treme Stunts 6561 Hang Glider. (Or maybe Battleplan is a direct bootleg of LEGO's set. It's hard to be sure.)

Notice that background? We've seen it before in another BRICK set: Star Wars. Fans of Greg Bear's writing may have seen it before then:

Don't see the connection? Look closely at the background behind Spidey-Bootleg in the close up below and compare it to the cover above.

Yep. The background is a clone of Anvil of Stars. Perhaps that was BRICK's Interstellar Battleplan.

The instructions have the usual strangeness in step five - this time it's Spidey-Bootleg leaping up to grab hold of the harness. At least he's in scale this time.

The actual toy is nearly identical to the package art - the only changes being the color of the harness-hose and Spidey-Boot's hands.

Try and play with this toy and you're in for the usual round of failure - once again Spidey-Boot has a hand that doesn't want to stay attached to his arm.

There's only one more Spider-BRICK left in my review pile - and I saved the best for last. Tune in tomorrow for the stunning conclusion to the Parade of Failure.

Once again, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Max said...

Great catch on the Anvil of Stars background being used again! Oh, and if you look closely at the cover art, one of Spider-Bootleg's legs is at an awkward angle! *ahem* Excuse me, Ancgl.

Ranger said...

Actually, both this and the Intelligence Toy Glider aren't slightly modified X-Treme Team hang gliders, they're direct copies of half of a Lego Island set.the more you know *starwipe*

Christopher Doyle said...


Good catch! Although I could argue that both LEGO sets are within 3-4 bricks of being used as the base. ;)

(I do think you're right though - the Island set is just a revamp of the X-treme model, and the racer brick shows that BRICK was most likely looking at the later version.)

Anonymous said...

Seems as though the bootlegger's "Battleplan" was to make a knockoff as bad as "Plan 9 from outer space"...

Anonymous said...

Hmm..... Aparrently this "Battle Plan" involves freakish spider-man abominations on hang-gliders falling out of the sky. Maybe they're supposed to land on people, because I don't think that interstellar hang glider could support a germ.