Friday, March 14, 2008

Steampunk: Problem entries

I'm working up the spreadsheet that I'll be sending to our judge - and I'm marking the entries that haven't met the "show your parts" requirement. Remember: If you don't have either a shot of the parts spread out or a text list of the elements your entry will not be counted. I'm being lenient on this - if you've made an effort to show/list you'll be fine, but please check the list below, just in case. Just giving a total part count IS NOT ENOUGH.

I'll be updating this post as I build the chart in hopes of catching the attention of any problem builders before the entry deadline. Which is tomorrow at midnight (EasternST). Just sayin'.

All entries submitted as of 9:00am on 3/14 have been posted to the grid. If I missed your entry somehow, please let me know asap. Thanks.

Part lists needed:
  • Entry #13 By: ArielJ (Mobile Missile Platform (MMP))
  • Entry #14 By: ArielJ (The Fabulous Flying Thing)
  • Entry #15 By: ArielJ (When Themes Collide (AKA Pohatu on steam))
  • Entry#16 By: ArielJ (Imperial Army Landing Ship)
  • Entry #18 By: Yellost (Jet pack Flier)
  • Entry #21 By: takua777 (a steam suit )
  • Entry #22 By: takua777 (steam chair)
  • Entry #54 By: Roren42 (speeder)
  • SirNadroj, would you break your flicker stream into a few sets (one-per-entry) so the judge has an easier time of finding the right photos?


JimmytheJ said...

I've just finished building an entry!

I'll have to use my rubbish in-built camera to enter it, but it's finished!

jimmythej said...

ok! there's my rubbish photos!

(forgot to include the fig in exploded view, is that ok?)

my e-mail is, in case I win/ need to give more info

takua-777 said...

i'd like to withdraw my chair and hardsuit. i only just found out the suit is over the limit, and the chair, i cant be bothered to get inventory for it, and dont want it disqualified.

Christopher Doyle said...

takua-777: Taken care of. Thanks for responding.