Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Episode 390

Read the comic here.

And here you thought I was making this stuff up as I go along.


Thejakester1997 said...

And how would THAT be?

Ian Thomas Healy said...

For some reason, I'm reminded of the Robot Chicken sketch where William Shatner's toupee is off doing supersekrit spy stuff while he's sleeping.


Geoffrey said...

I know a dentist in our town that has 007 as the last 3 digits of their phone number. ;-)

Now, what will Whiskey's hair do now that it's been taken from him? Will it start it's plans for world domination??

And when will that useless frog do something useful like warn Whiskey, before it's too late?

At the moment it's like a growth on Whiskey's hand, and we still haven't seen it produce any more slime. Maybe Donut would want some of that.

Santaji said...

Will the hair find a nice, rust-free, flesh-less skeleton to take over, and then world domination?

Maarten said...

Or maybe it grants it's own wishes
and goes rampaging!
Or it could be sucked into the time vortex or in the Time-Space Chili.
We'll see tomorrow.

doug7172 said...

Me likey the new site symbol

Thejakester1997 said...

Me dont likey the new site symbol.

JimmytheJ said...

I think that hair's gonna want Whisky back... or to find another host!

I wonder how the others are doing... and how Colada is...

Santaji said...

@jimmythej, another host like a flesh-less skeleton?

Christopher Doyle said...


Heh. No, I'm not crossing over with S-Team again quite yet!

That's actually a pretty good guess.

That's the nice thing about the swappable logo graphics - if you don't like this one just wait a bit and it'll get swapped out. I was going to do an Easter theme, but never got around to it...a bit late now...

Heh. No, I wanted to take the hair in a slightly different direction than Spider-man/Venom - although the temptation was certainly there.

As to the others - well, that's why I moved to episode format. It's much easer to bring in (and then rotate out) guest stars.