Monday, March 10, 2008

Episode 383

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Yes, that's another new set. What's going to happen to Whiskey and Scotch just couldn't occur in the main control room set I'd already built.

Considering the infinite space Donut has to work with inside the revamped Brick House, it was tempting to name this "Medlab Seventy-Six." Sadly, that was too long a phrase to fit nicely into the frame.

A few readers have asked about the oil can Donut had back in Episode 380. It's part of a "wheel of tools" that LEGO includes with race and city sets from time to time. The drill, hammer, and wrench in today's offering are from the same wheel. (Although this time in grey plastic.)
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Geoffrey said...

Hmm I'm not sure whether that power saw being in dark bluish grey plastic complements the scene or makes me go EWWWW!!! RUN!!! DARK BLEY YECCHY STUFF!!!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm not really a fan of dark bley colors, although naturally I do have to put up with them like everyone else seems to. - and here's a mini-challenge for Doyle: Come up with a use for this part in dark green or whatever colors are available. You've got a month if you need it, to get stocks in. Good luck! ;)

Ian Thomas Healy said...

The Wheel of Tools looks like an entry in the 50-Bricks or Less contest. LOL


Anonymous said...


I guess whiskey dosen't like the dentist!


Even i can do dat!

Anonymous said...


Donut can just use that as a squid he put in his chili. And yes I ment "Donut".

Anonymous said...

*insert obligatory dentist joke here*

Doug7172 said...

OMG that was frakin hillarious!!!! O and, By the way, you can tell the chest is pink!