Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reader Mail episode

We're fast approaching Episode 400 - and the end of the first "Episode" of the new Brick House series. Before the next big arc starts, I thought it might be fun to have a couple of strips where Whiskey (and other cast members) could answer some Reader Mail.

The problem, of course, is that I don't have any reader mail to have them answer.

If you've got a question you'd like to have answered by a character (as opposed to me babbling about it here in the blog) post it here. You might just end up with your question being a part of the strip for all time.


Anonymous said...


What hapened to Wash and Fox?

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for the future of the comic, you could feature the church of the FSM in one episode, or maybe in one episode, whisky could enter a computer matrix and cross over the archives entering the comics past events.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

"Dear Whiskey,

Why haven't you called me? You jerk!

Love, TigerGirl"

Maarten said...

''Dear Whiskey,

I wanted to ask you,
how often do you wash your clothes?
The only time I saw you changing in the comic was once, and only your jacket.
Don't your pants get stinky?

:), Maarten''

Jeff said...

Donut, what goes well with radioactive peppers?

Ray-The-Sun said...

I got a question for whiskey:

"Dear Whiskey, I have some questions, so without further A-do:

1) Do you either: A) Have video tapes of your best and funniest moments or B),
Do you wish that you had recorded them to video tape/DVD?

2) Have you ever considered on your travels "French cooking?"

kinko said...

dear whiskey,

so is that pineapple guy from when you and scotch were in the forest coming back? will he become a regular in the strip?

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, has anyone ever suggested anger management to you? As 1,392 spammers and chain-email lemmings said to me "it takes 37 muscles to frown but only 22 muscles so smile".

Or it only takes a handful to punch the trite fools who peddle this guff.

Just ask Doyle for a happy head.

The Mart-Man

samthelegoman1 said...

Dear Donut,

Have you ever considered getting a wig?

-Samuel Christian

TK1420 said...

Mr Tango

Our records indicate that your account with us is seriously overdue and has been for several months.
Please call us immediately to settle this dispute with our claims department.
If you do not call within 30 days of receiving this notice, we will be forced to turn this account over to a collection agency.


D. Jones
Accounts Manager,
Hoppy's Frog Leg Seasoning Products, Inc.

TK1420 said...


You thought you could get away with it, didn't you? WEL YOUR WRONG!!1!!1!
You can hop into battle robots all you want, but I will be there when you get out of it and I will stomp you good!


Pirate Ninja #4

PS Can I get my "Beaches" DVD back from you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Whiskey,

I know you hate Doyle so much. He never gives you respect, any pay, any hot girls. Why cant you just get a new mech from Ian and use it to battle Doyle (or at least maim him).

Your biggest fan,
Dave the Rave

The Jakester said...

Dear Donut,

"Are you ever going to find Luka?!? She's all over the news and most of your fans are blood-thirsty!!!!


Geoffrey said...
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Geoffrey said...

Two to Whiskey:

1. How many times do you wish you really could forsee the future a few moments before it actually happens? And then run the other way quickly!

2. If you could give that Hannah Montanna a reply after getting kicked, would it be printable in this comic?

Two to Whiskey's frog Scotch:

1. Why, oh why, haven't you been able to get him into a situation where you can 'mind talk' to him, tell him how bad the food he's giving you is, or warn him of impending danger, again?

2. Why can't you get back to the cola wars saga, and take Whiskey with you?

papaya said...

Dear French Chef:

Will you ever be getting revenge? Please?

Thanks, Tom

Wrathkid said...

Dear Doyle,
are you even going to use the brickhouse/ tardis to go in time at all?

Dan said...

Yo Whisky,

If you could wear any garb, and have any hair what would you choose?

How about one of the Exo-force style ones?

Yours truely,

Geoffrey said...

I just thought of a question Whiskey couldn't resist answering:

(cue maniacal laughter)

Would Whiskey like to write his own lines, instead of using what Doyle pens for his lines?

(end cue)

And Doyle can't answer for Whiskey, but his fans could. ;)

Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Dear scotch,

Why can't you just get Doyle to build something Frogspace for you to move around in?

From, John Solo

Baz said...

Dear Whiskey,
What's it like having to heads?
Dear Wash,
How come no-one bothered to ask you a question?
To Donut,
How come you know so much about hair's instincts?
To Mary Sue,
How's oblivion going for you?
To Batman,
Do you go on about your parents so much because deep down your a boring person?
To Scotch,
What is the average air-speed velocity of an coconut-laden swallow?

Ray-The-Sun said...

Dear Scotch,

Do you ever fantasize about your home/planet/pond?

Your biggest non-lady fan, Ray.

Zacknut said...

European swallow?

Baz said...

Dear Whiskey,


dark whiskey said...

Dear whiskey,
.will you ever get married
.how come your never impressed when something supernatural happens?
.will you ever end up in the furture?
.and are you a virgin

Maarten said...

Um, you don't just ask ppl if they are virgin?
Anyway, suit yourself.

dark whiskey said...

Whiskey,I want you dead.

Baz said...

So you can fill his shoes DW?