Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LEGO: Whence Serenity?

There's been a recent batch of posts and emails wondering if I've abandoned the Serenity projects. It's true I haven't had a lot of time to work on things in recent months, but that's all about to change.

I just placed an order for an updated set of Serenity Blueprints - once they arrive, I'll be putting in some serious work on the mini-fig scaled Serenity. The plan remains to build that monster one set at a time; to finish with a modular construction that has plenty of play areas and remains as slavishly devoted to the series/film as possible.

First up will be the cargo bay - a necessary point of origin as all the other sets/hull exteriors will have to fit around it.

And, yes, I'll still be trying to document the build in MLCad. It goes against my building style, but I know if I don't I'll never hear the end of it.

As to the new mid-scale version, I've been staring at the half-completed drive section for a while now and I'm really just not happy with it. I'm going to be taking another swipe at designing it soon as well.

Hope that satisfies some of you.


Thejakester1997 said...

Chris, How many chains did you use when you tied up Whiskey, and Donut shaved his head off?

Maarten said...

I think two.
Maybe four, but I think two.

Thejakester1997 said...


Chad said...

I am very glad you are starting Serenity up again. I have to admit, I was at least two of the anonymous blog comments asking about her. The truth is that I really appreciate your building style and your dedication to quality. Good luck.

Geoffrey said...

I know he used a minimum of two. One of them is dark grey, the other one is dark bluish grey. Doyle's photography is so excellent that it stands out pretty well on the pictures, and they've been consistently the same color ever since he chained Whiskey up.

Christopher Doyle said...

Good Serenity question!
I used two chains.

Thanks - I am looking forward to getting a fresh start on things. Sometimes you just have to let a project sit for a bit to approach it with new eyes and ideas.

The lighting in my workshop isn't that great - telling Dark Bley from Dark Grey is just about impossible. I have to give credit to the flash for making the two colors stand out...

As to consistency on the chains - I just left Whiskey tied up until I finished photographing that arc of the story. Seemed easier, and he *already* hates me...