Saturday, March 15, 2008


There seems to be some confusion in the blog comments, so here's a clarification - the deadline for Steampunk entries is midnight *tonight*, March 15th, Eastern Standard Time. Right now, by my clock, it's six in the morning. You guys still have all day to get entries in.

My apologies if my wording confused anyone. I see now why other folks have picked seemingly goofy times like "1:24 am" to end their contests.

Still, if you've looked at any of the other recent blog posts about the contest, it's been pretty clear when I intended to close the threads.

Eh. Doesn't hurt to be sure.


maarten said...


Nannan Z said...

Tonight is May already? Gosh time flies.

Christopher Doyle said...

nannan z:
what do you mean?
*whistles innocently as he steps away from the edit button*

Doug7172 said...

Did you ever de-counstruct the originall brickhouse, I mean I kn ow it was desroyed but, did you rebuild it and do you still have it?

PS: I added a link to your site on mine!

Zacknut said...

This looks like your biggest turnout so far, great ideas everyone!

55Skull-Fire55 said...


where did you get donut's and luka's Heads?

Christopher Doyle said...

Donut's head is from the "Infomaniac" figure (came with a game, I think), and Luka's is from the "Sky" figure from the Extreme Stunts line.