Monday, March 31, 2008

Hosting LEGO creations - some thoughts and questions

I've received a few emails in the past week asking about free hosting for LEGO images, and for more places where they can post about their own creations.

To that end, I'd like to offer my own couple of pieces of advice, and then see if you guys have anything to add or suggest.

First, image hosting. If you don't have your own website (or prefer to use someone else's bandwidth...) the best LEGO solution is probably They don't allow HTML uploads, but they do offer a very nice, structured, and FREE storage space for your images.

If you're looking for somewhere to write up your creation, though, you'll need to move to something more advanced. seems to be very nice, but I don't know much about setting up things there. Any gurus feel brave enough to post an email address were we could direct questions?

Beyond that, the solution would seem to be to start your own blog and post about creations there. This blog is run via Google's Blogger service at It has a few hiccups, but works okay for me.

If that seems like too much, you might look at joining some other LEGO forums that allow and encourage people to post their creations. Lugnet,, and From Bricks to Bothans are a few examples - there are tons more. You'd probably need to combine forum membership with a brickshelf account to host your photos, though.

Well, that's my off-the-cuff advice. Anyone have something else to suggest?


Cavorter said...

I like the blog route as well and generally recommend over Blogger, but that's mostly a preference thing. I like the UI, management, and expandability of Wordpress a bit better than Blogger, which hasn't really changed a whole lot since I stopped using it in ~2004.

Doug7172 said...

Freewebs, easy to use website builder

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Get yer own website domain, yo. And learn html. If I did, ANYBODY can do it.


55Skull-Fire55 said...

Here is my contest entry

Christopher Doyle said...


One of the folks I'm corresponding with has their own domain/site - they're just looking to take advantage of some free services to show off their LEGO creations without incurring any more expense.

You're going to have to follow the entry procedure on the contest page. Posting to the forum isn't the way to do things this time.