Thursday, March 13, 2008

Episode 386

Read the comic here.

Don't you just hate it when they break into a show to tell you an "important news update" about something you could care less about? And rather than stopping the tape, they just let the show you were watching run so you miss all the good parts?

Yeah, me too.

Wrote this strip this morning, after reading my usual morning funnies. When I told my wife about it, her horrified reaction? "If you post that strip, people will know you read For Better or For Worse!"

(Actually, I've bitched about FBoFW here in the past, so that wasn't really much of a shocker.)

If you don't read FBoFW, you might want to check it out today, just to see the most depressing, non-romantic end to a decades long romantic storyline that has ever been written.


Geoffrey said...

Doyle, maybe you better come up with a better explanation here.

You're doing something with Whiskey, so could you please get to the point in tomorrow's strip, whether he's dead, alive or something in between, what we viewers want is to know whether he'll be around or not!

The news cut-in reeks of "Doyle's fast running out of interesting plot twists he can use!"

As for fbofw, nice strip, but who cares? It really was getting rather old.

Nick said...

So, Kent made it out of the advent realm too?

Christopher Doyle said...

Whiskey's fate will indeed be shown tomorrow.

Today's news cut in was a spur of the moment thing - it was supposed to give the impression that Kent was reporting on the Death of Whiskey, rather than a Foob, maybe it'll play better in the archive.

There's a version of Kent in EVERY universe.

Jeff said...

I think one of the news men in the Tick cartoon universe is Kent Brockman.

Poor Whiskey. I hope the frog escapes.

Christopher Doyle said...

Kent Brockman is from the Simpsons.
(And, yeah, that's who our Kent is a parody of/homage to.)

dark whiskey said...

For all you people who it was a haircut yestererday HA!I tould you it wasn't haircuts,it's blood all over the place.

franklyn said...

This is getting really disturbing and I mean disturbing on all levels...

Anonymous said...

okay first off, FBoFW has many fans (so what if there... um... how shall i put this... they dont like... but they do like... really like... um... you know what just screw it) enjoy yourself!

second off, i (and probably most of your comic readers) would REALLY like for you to give us instructions on how to build some of your cooler creations
(the bat mobile perhaps?)

dark whiskey said...

By the way I want whiskey dead and I'm so happy donut sliced his head with a chain saw.

Geoffrey said...

Maybe it's not too late for Whiskey. Although you haven't quite explained the reasoning about why Donut seems to be in two minds. On one hand he didn't want Whiskey to wake up: "without ever waking up" and on the other hand, he kept telling him to hold still and stop wiggling. There seems to be two possible outcomes, given Donut's not-so-good dialogue. I was hoping you'd clarify that with the comments or today's strip.

"Hey I only read the lines they give me" - I'm trying to remember which webcomic I've seen that quote in.

Anonymous said...

is there any chance that donut just diced another person? (maybe the land ho from episode fifty three?)

dark whiskey said...

No,donut did not diced another whiskey and I want him dead!DDDEEEAAADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user44 said...

NOOOO!!! Why kill the best comic book character in the word?

Santaji said...

I think donut just removed whiskey's flesh or something, and now whiskeys a [live] skeleton, or maybe he just killed scotch