Sunday, March 16, 2008

Steampunk: Grid Update - Honorable Mentions

In order to help load times, I've broken up the entry grid into nine parts, with around 10 creations per page.

The final page contains the entries that didn't make the final spreadsheet for one reason or another. I still wanted to showcase the effort those builders made; I consider all of them "Honorable Mentions".

Thank you once again to all the builders - this contest couldn't have happened without you.


Thejakester1997 said...

Chris: You should give whiskey a fedora from Indiana jones. I tried it and it looks cool.

The only problem is that On the backside, you can still see the mouth.

And why did you put a picture of whiskey on this train thing on the blog?

Pleeeeeeeeease don't skip around the subject like you did in last week's comics.

And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE give us instructions to some of your sets.

Nick said...

Shame, Flying Backpack was one of my favorites.

Christopher Doyle said...

The fedora isn't in the script; but we will be dealing with warming Whiskey's head up next week.

If you followed the link for the honorable mentions, you'd see it was one of the entries I received after the deadline.

As to instructions: I can't make any promises in that area. I barely have time for the stuff I do around here now.

Yeah, it was a favorite of mine, too. But I have to stick by the rules I posted.