Monday, March 24, 2008

Buy-Me-Mizer: Springtime Sale

There's a new Sale at the Buy-Me Mizer - now through April 30th, you can earn some fun bonuses with multi-figure orders.

Order 3 or more figures, and you'll get figure stands for every figure in your order.
Order 5 or more figures, and I'll pay shipping costs.
Order 10 or more figures, and I'll include an extra figure. (I'll design it for Maximum FUN)

Why the sale? Taxes are due, and it seems like every prize from the Steampunk Contest is being shipped overseas. (First prize is going to Romania, for example. ROMANIA!) So my LEGO fund shall I put this delicately...depleted.

I'm also working on a "Townbuilder" Mega-Pack for when those "Stimulus Checks" start arriving the in the US. Watch for details.


Nick said...

What do the stands look like? If I order 10 will I get a Chris minifig? :D

takua-777 said...

yeah, what he said.

Christopher Doyle said...

Nick: I'll add a photo to the Buy-Me page in a bit. They're the "Sports" stands that came with the NBA players - I use 'em a lot at home.

As to a Chris Mini - sure. Although that seems creepily voodoo like.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave the Rave again.

Did anyone notice that there are no more rock raider helmets?

Nick said...

Chris is hogging them, they're too awesome to sell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I don't even have a single set and I want them really badly.