Monday, March 31, 2008

New Contest: Pumping Iron

Iron Man. You know him. You love him. You wish LEGO would pick up the license and make toys based on him. But you also know that just isn't going to happen.

Iron Man. Cooler than Batman because he's completely bullet proof. And he can fly.

Iron Man. The basis for this month's contest. (So if you honestly don't know who Iron Man is, here's the Wiki on him.)

Over the years, Iron Man's armor has undergone a number of changes. It's been rebuilt, streamlined, melted-down, rebuilt again, modularized, customized and optimized.

One of the coolest ideas about Iron Man, though, is that he has prototype armor designed for special missions. He has a Deep Sea armor. Stealth armor. Space Armor. An armor designed to fight the Hulk. Heck, there's probably even a prototype somewhere of his EZ-Bake Oven Armor.

Your challenge this month is help Iron Man tackle a tough job by designing and building a Special Mission Armor Set.

What special mission? That's up to you. Maybe he's on an Ice Planet. Or fighting Ninjas. Or
Pirates. Or Pirate-Ninjas. Maybe he's just having trouble cashing a check. Surprise us.

This contest runs from April 1st until May2nd - just in time for the US opening of the new Iron Man film!

Sound like fun? Well, we're just getting started!

When it comes to Custom LEGO Weapons there are none better qualified to judge than Will Chapman, founder of
This Tony Stark of LEGO builders will be rating all entries on the key quality of Special Mission Functionality.

Will has also donated weapons from his new mold, not available to the public until mid-April!

Want to learn more? Check out these links!


Nick said...

Think we'd get bonus points if we some how worked some Brickarms weapons into the model? :P

I'll try to enter this one, doubt I'll do too well, though.

Anonymous said...

is it okay if i make some what of a steampunk armor?
it was not in the last contest, or any for that matter, however, i did get a few small ideas from brickshelf. (mostly the legs)
please respond.

55Skull-Fire55 said...

here is my entry

Anonymous said...

from the rules:
"Models posted on-line prior to April 1, 2008 are not eligible for this contest"

Way to disqualify yourself, skull-fire

samthelegoman1 said...

Can we use Decals from the internet?

Baz said...

A contest that ends on my birthday!


Christopher Doyle said...

I don't think you'd get any bonus points, but you're welcome to use them.

The point of these contests is just to have fun and try and see new things - I hope to see an entry from you, even if you feel you're not a top finisher.

Steampunk would be fine, provided you found a way to make it "special mission." Of course, that could be done by simply calling it "Alternate Reality Steampunk Emergency Armor" or something. Marvel has done more with less.

the 2nd Anony got you - you're going to need to make some revisions to that model and re-submit starting tomorrow.

Internet decals are fine this time around.

Well, you had a 1-365 chance...

Jordan ! said...

Just a couple of questions,

1. is there a part limit involved?
2. Can the specialist guns up for grabs be used with minifigs?

Anonymous said...

Another Dave the Rave contest entry.

My entry isn't so much a mech as an "indestructable, fully armed wall" and it may not cut it for playability and it may be as small as an ant but at least I tried.

Christopher Doyle said...


No part limit. The minimum entry is a armor/figure combo. If you want to build more, I'm all for it.


Looking forward to seeing it - just don't post photos until tomorrow! :)

Nick said...

Hey Chris, mind posting what you'd think an iron man minifig would look like for us?

Manne Granberg said...

Hello Chris, I'm wondering, would it be okay to base the MOC around a technic- or belville-fig? Or is it strictly minifigs?

Also, I'm guessing we won't have to constrain ourselves to the original Ironman colorscheme?

Thanks in advance!

Christopher Doyle said...


I posted a sample entry on the grid already - go take a look. I doubt I'll have time to make many other samples; my Serenity Blueprints came in.


As long as the set is based around a figure of some sort, I don't see a problem if it's Technic, Belville, or even Duplo. (Heh. A Fabuland Iron Man would be pretty bizarre, but also legal for this contest.)

And no, you don't need to stick to the red-n-gold colors. I'd recommend using a color scheme that matches the mission you're making the armor for.

Maarten said...

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
The blueprints are in!
And, maybe I'll enter the contest though.
First, I thought: Hmmm...
Never heard of Ironman...
Maybe skip this one.
But I've decided to try and enter the contest anyway.
It'll be fun!

TK1420 said...

Amazing Lego Iron-Man