Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Clearance at Shop@Home

For my US readers, LEGO Shop@home has some new goodies on clearance.

In particular, the 4916 Mini-Animals, 8146 Nitro Muscle, and several of the mini-fig scaled Bionicle Sets (8925, 8926, and 8927) have joined the lineup.

This is in addition to the recent drool-worthy cuts on the UCS Star Destroyer and Death Star II...those marked down to a mere $199 each. (Still out of my price range at the moment, but it's fun to dream.)

I'm not up on what other nationalities have had on clearance before today, but there's probably some new stuff showing up for everyone. Post info in comments if you care to...


Nick said...

Random blog post, random comment.

Anyone notice the ads for a game called "Blockland"? Great game. If you do buy, try not to be an idiot, that'll get you on everyone's bad side REALLY fast.

Maarten said...

Wait, You are mentioning Retail blockland?
RTB is waaay better I think.
You can download at,
but have your own opinion.
Retail has overall better graphics, and more Add-ons.
You're right great game.

Nick said...

RTB won't work for me, I've tried it before. :(

If you're one of those RTBers all up in the community, We apologize for tommybricksetti.

And we DO have more Add-Ons, but most of them now are from the new people who can't script/mod/model worth crap.

And we don't have moving bricks. :(

Maarten said...

Yes, but we don't have lag-free bricks :(