Thursday, March 6, 2008

Episodes 380 and 381

Read the comics here and here.

For the non-chefs: Thyme
For the non- Doctor Who fans: Time Lord

Sorry yesterday's strip is late. Real life got in the way.


Na said...

LOL - so glad I understand the Dr Who references! Very funny indeed. (Also love the little blow torch thing)

Geoffrey said...

Thyme-Lord. Does that mean he's going to wind up with an assistant called Rose(mary)? :D :D :D

Of course, will all that chilli power go to Donut and Whiskey's head? Only thyme will tell!

One thing you should find quickly is a warning sign for the radioactive chilli peppers. Don't want to have random characters in the strips disappearing and reappearing like his Luka did!

You should also consider the possibility of creating "future" characters, which might - or might not - appear, of course you could just call them "teasers" of what's to come! :D

Baz said...

Geoffrey: Like in Legostar Galactica?

Chris: I've always waited til someone called the tardis...that!

Jeff said...

Very punny. And I love the main console of the "retardis", very technological looking.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that visor?

TK1420 said...

Anon 1:35

The visor is from a series of kits from the early 90's, "Ice Planet 2002"

Here's a link to what the kits looked like:

Christopher Doyle said...


Actually the solid-red visor that Donut has on is from the 2000 Racers line:
This guy had it.

The Ice Planet ones were all trans-neon-orange. :)

TK1420 said...

Oh wow, never saw the solid red ones before. It's hard to tell in the photo, but now that I look at the comic closer I can see Donut's visor is red.
Learn something new every day!

dark whiskey said...

So he's the geuns plant lord.....?

Soup Nazi said...

Hey, where did you get that oil can/plant waterer accessory? I like it.

Geoffrey said...

baz: What part of my post are you responding to?

Soup nazi: The oilcan appears as part of several sets inventoried on bricklink in black, it's a quite common part:

Don't know where Chris would have picked it up from though it's not hard to find.

To Chris: Can you put a note in this "Leave your comment" section that posters previewing comments have to enter the new image verification word to publish it?

Anonymous said...

Chris have you got?

6713 Grip-n-Go Challenge
6602-2: Scorpion Buggy

Baz said...

Geoffrey: The future thing. Y'know, this: