Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Episode 394

Read the comic here.

The reveal of the creature. As usual, Whiskey is less than impressed.


The Jakester said...

So, is it going to get out into the city, or are they going to kill it?

kinko said...

i feel either a dialoge or chase thing comin up

Zacknut said...

Does the vault door lock or something? Whats the point of the
1x1 with pin hole?

Maarten said...

That's the hole for the lock!
Mr. Nut!
That's the hole for the lock!

Anonymous said...

Hey its Dave the Rave.

I gotta say I'm not very impressed either. Now if it was a King Kong or Godzilla of a monster, that would be very great. If you can't do it thats fine, I'm just saying.