Friday, March 14, 2008

Post your entries here: Post #2

The first entry post is really quite full - so, to keep from missing anyone, here's a fresh post to enter in. (Previous post is now locked)


maarten said...

This is my entry.
It's the SPLAT!
Steam Powered Low-weight Air Craft.

maarten said...

Edit: It's the Steam Powered Low-weight Air Transport.

JimmytheJ said...

photograph is rubbish, but the top two are my entries

(I got so exited about my late entry I accidentally posted in the wrong blog post first time around... oops)

The Jinja Ninja said...

I seem to be developing a reputation for last-minute contest entries...

First up, we have the Salamander-

Main picture:


Baron Clinton Gunn (Nicknamed "Smokey" or "Smokin'" due to his 'shoot first, ask questions later' attitude.), a brash American chap, wanted in on the Steam-Power phenomenon. Too busy counting out his fortune to get his hands dirty, he charged his downtrodden butler with the task. Mysteriously, the Salamander's rear fin was never affixed, and Baron Gunn is currently plummetting to the ground. His butler is nowhere to be seen, nor is Smokey's big pile of money...

Model comes to bang-on 50 pieces.

Next, it's the Whirlybird-

Main picture:


Dr. Oliver Chapp (Oll' to his friends. Apologies for the pun.) navigates the spires of Steampunk Oxford in his Whirlybird, a not-so-sophisticated contraption made from the Aviation Scholars' leftovers. Crank the handle at the back to turn the rotors, and the propellers really spin! (What, if TLG can list that as a feature, so can I!)

Also comes to 50 pieces.

Finally (for now), I've got the Wrong Trousers. Ring any bells? ;)

Main picture:


Prof. Victor Ian (the puns just get worse, don't they?) pilots these bipedal bloomers, fresh from his Victorian workshop in Old London Town. Created to get people around faster, this machine's also a great laugh at parties and comes in handy if you're an evil penguin mastermind. (Feathers! I'm watching you...)

Once again, this comes to 50 pieces.

Well, folks, that's all my entries for now. Maybe if I gain super-building skillz tomorrow, I can get a few more in, and I might have some sepia images later. Additional photos are on my Brickshelf ( when public, and (somewhere) on my Flickr, linked to in my name.

-The Jinja Ninja

Gaby said...


Hope I'm in.

Chris Edwards said...

I was certain I had posted my link in a comment in the first blog, but I just went back to check and the link was missing from my post. My entry is the Steam Zipper:

It uses exactly 50 parts.

Dan said...

Come one come all and view the next marvel of the Steam age.

Steam Bros. Proudly presents:

James McFaden

Who will be un-vailing his wondrously Amazing

Walking Locomotive

Now running out of track will be a thing of the past, as commerce can traverse even the rockiest locals.

The parts list/pic (done in the designer is here:

(Please note that the red dome is in actuality a black cone on the true model, the piece count is 50 including the track piece and the 2 1X1 cylinders used for fuel)

For the full set of pics goto:

Alex said...

Hey, it's still the 15th on the West Coast...

This one was just for fun anyway...
Duplo Steam Punk

Alex said...

Duh, I meant the 14th. When is the deadline? PST, EST, GMT, UTC? I think you should take the Danish Meridian.

maarten said...

Read, it's EST.

Jerac said...

My two entries:

The Wind Conraption - a little flying machine powered by mysterious aether-like substance which gives enormous amount of heat. Inventor believes it will become a standard way of transportation in close future.
Direct photo:

The Mechano-Hopper was meant to be a quick vehicle for couriers or postmans, which is not fearing bad roads or hard terrain. Somehow nobody likes the idea of sitting on huge spring though... current record on riding the Mechano-Hopper without getting sick is about 6 minutes.


Jerac said...

Ahh it seems my links were cut in half! Ag...

Wind contraption:
Main photo:

Main photo:

Buckskinn92 said...


Here is my entry. My apologies go to "tchad". I started this model in LDD about two weeks ago. I then forgot about it, and just finished it last night.

The iPod of the past is now finally available! I have not had any specific design of whether the SteamPod plays music or not. But it sure looks cool. Another apology *cringes* to tchad. The track also moves all the gears for real moving screen.

Link goes to my Brickshelf folder that has all the pictures of the SteamPod. The brick count is exactly 50 pieces. :)

Thanks again for an awesome contest!


SlyOwl said...

Last 2 entries:
-Brickshelf Galleries


Nannan Z said...

Sam Sawyer's Destructo Walker


The disillusioned genius Sam thinks he can finally show every steampunk engineer who’s really in charge. The dual knockout cannons launch rubber fist projectiles to strike down his rivals. Model contains 50 pieces.

Ed M said...

Another one of Ralph J Sombery's grandchildren wanted to display his steam machine. Built by Conner Somerby this working model is what he calls a Two Steam Tank. It has many features of technologies both found in the Steampunk era and maybe some fanciful "inventions". The Two Steam Tank contains two steam tanks in case one runs out. There is an extrodinary useful glow-in-the-dark stick for other steamships to be able to see it in the dark and for balance. Coming out of the port side tank is a large stack of steam (you have to pretend the green part is white). On the other tank (starboard tank) there is a exit valve for steam with a little steam coming out (rear, white) with a plug in front. The big wheel can be connected to a truck to get more fuel. The pull in the middle is the on/off switch. When the top touches the steam it shuts off.

You might see the influence of his grandfather's Solo Steam Rocket in this model. But the young and very proud Conner likes to claim the orginality of his ideas in this design. And it should be noted that Ralph J Sombery is greatly proud of young Conner and proudly submits this design for the contest.

Total part count - 34 pieces (picture still)

For more picture stills please visit young Conner's Sketchbook at the Brickshelf Library.

Donnovan Knight said...

OK, here's my last entry: Mechanical Legs

This has been fun, lots of good entries, I thought.

McZargald said...

The fantastic flying bot

BrickBuster said...

this is my entry: a robot that can walk and fly.
MOCpages (including pictures of pieces):

so far BrickBuster

clonecaptin101 said...

hi here's my 'LAST MINUTE ENTRY' i call it the bi-crate!!! here's the link:

clonecaptin101 said...

oohh...sorry but 'copy and past the link in the internet address bar. NOT THE SERCH BAR!!!

clonecaptin101 said...

hi here's ANOTHER one:

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Hi Chris,

Two more entries from The Marvelous Inventions of Dr. Danger: The Mole and the Soldier of Tomorrow.

Both can be found on this page along with my prior entries.


JimmytheJ said...

I have better photos!

My entry:


JimmytheJ said...

Damn! links don't work because they are too long...
so here are working alternatives:


JimmytheJ said...

flickr version of pics with comments:
assembled pic

exploded pic

Anonymous said...

Here is my entry and the link to my page.

Use this ext to get to the page containing my photos.

i once again used the anonymous function, as i still don't remember my password

clonecaptin101 said...

heres another one!


clonecaptin101 said...

oohh.. sorry heres the link again:

Pumpkinetics said...

The steam team.

gallery when moderated: