Sunday, March 16, 2008

Steampunk: Final Entry Grid is Up

I've just uploaded the final entry grid for the Steampunk in 50 Bricks or Less contest. We had a grand total of 83 legal entries* - a record for Reasonably Clever. Thank you to all who participated!

I'll be mailing off the scoring spreadsheet to Jake von Slatt shortly - winners will be announced once he's had a chance to complete things and send it back to me.

*Unfortunately, I did end up having to remove a few models due a lack of parts list/grid as the rules required. We had over 90 models enter the contest.


Ian Thomas Healy said...

Wow - I just looked over the list.

Jake's going to have his hands full, that's for sure.


Ian Thomas Healy said...

BTW, did you notice LegoStar Galactica has gone on hiatus? Perfect time to really up the pimping of Adventures of the S-Team and Brick House, yanno? ;)


Zacknut said...

Ya know, I belive my friend Adrian Drake won the SteamPunk Air

Thejakester1997 said...

Chris: You should give whiskey a fedora from Indiana jones. I tried it and it looks cool.

The only problem is that On the backside, you can still see the mouth.

Thejakester1997 said...

Oh Yeah, and who is "BTW" again?

55Skull-Fire55 said...

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55Skull-Fire said...