Monday, March 10, 2008

Steampunk: Entry Grid Update

The Entry Grid for the Steampunk contest has been updated with seven more creations.

Just a reminder, but please include a photo of your creation in "a grid of parts" style, or provide a text listing of the pieces you used. If I can't find either when I'm putting together the Judgment Spreadsheet for our Celebrity Guest Judge, you'll be disqualified. Just sayin'. (I'm going to start compiling that spreadsheet this week, so I can post a warning for anyone who's already entered. But I expect there'll be a rush of last-day entries, and those folks won't have a second chance to provide that part list...)

You have until midnight EST on the 15th to submit your entry. There are some great LEGO kits awaiting the winners!


Doug7172 said...

On the contest page, has a mispelled word, "Photofs"

Anonymous said...


I know. LOL. It STILL makes me laugh as I'm typing this.

Christopher Doyle said...

Fixed it.

Not that anyone really cares, but that one was caused by my trying to use a keyboard shortcut to save the page while editing. Normally, Alt-F(ile)-S(ave) works just fine - but every once in a while the "Alt" doesn't catch and I end up leaving a random "fs" somewhere in the document.

Ah well.

Anonymous said...


Eh, thats ok.

It would still be funny with the "photofs".

Ed M said...


Here is the direct links to the both the parts listing and parts image for my Automated Observation Deck entry. If you like you can replace the line below in the entry.

Total part count - 28 pieces (parts list, image)

Thanks again for hosting this contest.

clonecaptin101 said...

oohh.. uumm.. sorry i posted this same message on another form thing. but anyways i got the parts grid photo on this link: =)

sorry just wanted the message to be seen, please consider my creation again. =(

thanks, mikey

Christopher Doyle said...

Sorry, dude. The parts didn't get posted until nearly 24 hours after the contest closed - I can't let you fix an entry after the fact; it wouldn't be fair to the people who did get full entries in on time. Besides, you still have two valid entries in there...