Saturday, March 1, 2008

Steampunk: Post your Contest Entries Here

This is it, gang! The time has come to share your Steampunk in 50 Bricks creations! Check the rules by clicking on the logo if you're unsure of what you need to post. If you're having problems, you can also email me and I'll help you get things entered.


Alex said...

Here's the link to my flyer

Hmm, blogger wouldn't let an "img" tag be added.

Christopher Doyle said...

Crap. I missed that no-image limitation.

Hrm. Okay, well, post links here for now, and I'll work up posts that contain the images.


Ian Thomas Healy said...

I think I warned you about that earlier, Chris. The best solution I can think of is to create a single-page blog under its own account and post the login information here. Then anyone can log onto and create a photo post with the link to the appropriate page.

Anyway, here's my link:
The Marvelous Inventions of Dr. Thomas Danger


darthperson8 said...

Here is my entry, a boat like thing.

As well as a link to my gallery, (Photobucket), which includes a picture of the pieces (50). If you turn the back knob, the propellors spin.


CyberLizard said...
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CyberLizard said...

Captain Harvey Winthrop, III wishes to throw his flying contraption into the ring.

See more here.

Baz said...

Ah, the big day!

I'll send you my address if I win a prize!

Anonymous said...

I hope you like it.

It doesn't look steampunk because I don't have any wood colored pieces.

Terry's Clockwork Orange said...

Got a bit carried away so made two entries, can't see anywhere in the rules about only one entry per person, but if that's the case poke me and I'll remove one :p

Entry One: The Steam Organ



Entry Two: The Chuggernaut!


Descriptions for both are with their respective photos.

The Cure-all Pill said...

Here is the Bonnie Beth

Bonnie Beth

and here are all the pictures including the 49 piece count

Impulse and 49 pieces

darthperson8 said...

Here is my second entry: a trike vehicle.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have a few entries so just follow the link!
scroll down to what's new to see them!

takua-777 said...

the flier has an inventory, im going to do inventories for the others in a minute. click on my name to view my 3 entries.

Yellost said...

Nice little contest,

here's my entry:

its total piece count is 35 (not counting the transparent pole which I only used to take the pics).

tchad said...


I discovered the Star Wars Vehicle contest too late to enter.  But in those final days I considered the smallest vehicle from Star Wars: Yoda’s hover chair.  This contest gave me the excuse to build it!

The concept started with the idea to use a gear for the platform and to suggest the edge of Yoda’s chair with the tubing.  I tried to make the propellers really turn together, but it just wouldn’t work at this scale without serious ugliness.

The steam chair's efficient double boiler engine is balanced by the water tank in front.  The single propeller on the back can pivot to adjust thrust direction while the two propellers on the base provide constant lift. Parts used (43 by my count).

Anonymous said...


GOD that is one big chair.

TorresDesigns said...

Here is my entry for the steampunk contest:

I have a question: My main or gallery photo is not showing-up on my mocpage; do I need to resize? I hestitated to resize because I was following the rules regarding size for the contest.

Christopher Doyle said...

TorresDesign: The only image size restriction was on the image that was supposed to go in the blog post...but since you can't post images here *at all* that restriction has been removed. (I'll double check the main contest page to make sure that's clear.)

For those wondering when entries will hit the entry grid, I plan to update things every couple of days - probably on Friday, Wed, Friday, Saturday and a final update on Sunday for those who are waiting until the last moment to post/reveal.

CommanderJake said...

OK, I'm ready to enter the contest. All of my entries are based on existing vehicles, but steampunkified. It's been a good, fun contest, so thanks for hosting it, too! My 3 entries are here:

Steamula-1 car

(Image link:

This was my first, and by far my favourite of the three. I think I managed toblend formula one styling with steampunk design quite well, but I found that the 50 part limit was very hard to keep to if I wanted the car to be structurally sound.

Please don't complain about the colour, if the Steampunk victorians invented steam power and whatnot, they surely would have taken the time to paint their cars in their team colours, thus the Ferrari red.

(Breakdown of parts:



(Image link:

This was my third and second favourite of the three. The shape came out really well, and I'm glad that I used the technic bits on the front instead of minifig skis, which would have seemd to small. I managed to fit in a nice big boiler, at the cost of a good looking rear tread, as all the other options except for building a fake and immovable one would have required waaaay to many pieces.

(Breakdown of parts:



(Image link:

My second and least favourite of the three, what i interpreted as a small and lightweight version of the NASA EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) soon became bigger and more cumbersome. the moving wings and the pistons make it up for me though, because they're just cool, and it was good fun to build!

(Breakdown of parts:


And there you have it! I apologise for the lack of clickable links, but I don't know how to insert them in such a limited interface as this. Good luck to my fellow competitors!

SlyOwl said...

My entry, the Elliecopter:
-Brickshelf Gallery


Ed M said...

This is general concept of an autoumated observation deck which one might fit into a larger model. The idea for this model started off with the part 32291 'Technic Axle Joiner Perpendicular Double'. To me this part (clear) looked like a pair of goggles or some sort of viewing scope. I thought it would be neat to have these "goggles or scope" twisted downward in a spiral type curve into position over an operator's seat. Then I added the idea of bringing in the seat at the same time as the scope dropped down.

From this idea I built the model which I think achieves the motion I wanted. There is some room for improvement on the basic design; the two bevel gears on top are slightly loose and the position of the seat and scope when meeting are slightly off 90 degrees. There is also room to expand the idea like having the scope follow an additional circular path possible on another gear around the 40 tooth gear or having some portion of the deck raise up like through a whole in the base.

Total part count - 28 pieces

For more photos and movies(sample) see the brickshelf folder.

Alex said...

I couldn't resist this, a SteamPunk Disco.

At work we are designing some lighting systems, and when I got home today my son leaped out at me with a flashing Bionicle - the rest, as they say...

There are two different sets. In the one posting, though, the GoGo girl was an afterthought.

SirNadroj said...

Here are my entries:

Mr. Monkeywrench's Fantastical Tailor Contraption (loom):

The Wonderous Clockwork Punk:

Discussion thread (ignore the first MOC: look at the last two in my first post:)

And a gallery of the pics:

Thanks! Good luck! =)

Koda said...

My entry:
A kind of reversed chopper thingy

Alex said...

Red Wing Flier.

Though the first one I built, it just felt too "King of the Rocketmen" or "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" to be Steampunk. But, under the silver cowling is a "phosphonic" boiler, so it is steam...

Thejakester1997 said...
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Nannan said...

Dr. Duram’s Steam Flyer


The doc cruises through the sky in his self-invented amazing steam-powered flyer. With the highly mobile steering propeller and the trusty navigational device, he’ll never be late to attend to his patients. Model contains 50 pieces.

-Nannan Z.

Thejakester1997 said...
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Thejakester1997 said...
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Thejakester1997 said...

Sorry, brickshelf changed my folder
address. It Follows:

My model has EXACTLY 50 peices in it.

Ed M said...

Ralph J. Somerby, inventor and engineer, built this highly experimental (and highly dangerous) solo steam rocket. The simple design consist of a nozzle to direct steam in a large blast radius using a custom diffuser. Above the steam nozzle is a basic structure to hold the steam tank and the operators seat. The operator has a simple valve mechanism which allows for a somewhat gradual releasing of steam out the diffuser and steam nozzle.

The steam tank must be filled on the ground before flight. There are two gauges giving both the filling operator a good view of the current state of pressure along with the operator while sitting in his seat (blue and white gauge respectively). Due to the location of the steam nozzle and the operator seat the rocket has a tendency to drift towards the port side. This drift could be fixed by more parts to help direct the steam. But further attempts to tweak this design were dropped after his wife discouraged further "playing with such dangerous machinery".

Total part count - 47 pieces (parts list, bom)

For more picture stills and amazing moving still frame images please visit the design logbooks at the Brickshelf Library.

Ed M said...

This child's toy was built by young Holmes Somerby, grandson of inventor and engineer Ralph J Somerby. Young Holmes likes to spend time in his grandfather's workshop, enjoys watching over his grandfathers shoulder and learning all about engineering. This toy was made from spare parts Holmes found in the workshop. As young Holmes says with great excitement in his voice "you hold on to it here [differential gear case] and spin it around" while showing you with his hands how it spins around.

Total part count - 18 pieces (picture still)

For more picture stills please visit young Holmes' sketchbook at the Brickshelf Library.

Ed M said...

Come one, Come all! Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, step right up. Introducing Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell's Fabulous Brass Ring Carousel Ride. This exciting steam powered ride is sure to thrill you. Ride high into the sky and plunge back down again in what is a non stop exciting ride. Bring along a friend and ride in tandem. This ride is not for the faint of heart, the un-daring, those who avoid life's thrills, nor those fair ladies in the later stages of child bearing. So step right up, buy a ticket and let's ride off on Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell's Fabulous Brass Ring Carousel Ride.

Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell's Fabulous Brass Ring Carousel Ride was designed and built by Ralph J Somerby, inventor and engineer. The vehicle consists of primarily of brass beams which was requested by the eccentric and extremely wealthy Mr. Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell.

For more picture stills and an amazing moving still frame images please visit the design logbooks at the Brickshelf Library.

[Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell is a name given to character in Dr. Seuss's book "On Beyond Zebra". All other names and characters are fictitious and of my own creation.]

Total part count - 35 pieces (bom)

Olog said...
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Olog said...

Good builds so-far, lots of fun.

Here's my first entry:]Steam Cuirasser]Parts list

"One of the eight bad omens has come true. For the Aztecs, these three legged monsters were the gods themselves. The nimble machines scoured the jungles. Thus did the empire fall. ( 1521 GerĂ³nimo de Aguilar )"

My second entry, a flying contraption:]The Nutcracker]Parts list

The Nutcracker has been developed to actually "pop" enemy steamboats' and zeppelins balloons. It's own small balloon is protected by it's own propellers.


samthelegoman1 said...

Okay, here are my creations:
1. Dr Loveless' Steam Wheelchair
2. Flying Vehicle

Doctor Sinister said...

Here's my very silly entry - the SteamHorse.

Fed up with single Horsepower? Then try the all new SteamHorse - with an amazing output of TWO Horsepower, the SteamHorse is THE mode of transport for the future!


Dr. S.

SirNadroj said...

Here's another entry I was able to whip up.

It's called the "Bi-Penny", based on an old, penny-farthing bicycle.

And some galleries of photos:

And the discussion (scroll down):


Alex Wilson said...

Here's my Steam Dart (640 or 400 pixelwidths)

and the back (640 or 400 pixelwidths).

50 pieces. Parts photo (800 pixelwidth, sorry)

It's a loose homage to my all time favorite impulse set: 6824.

Chris Edwards said...

Here's a link to my entry, the steam-powered Zipper:

slyowl said...

Second entry - Skulchuggery
-Brickshelf Gallery


Nannan Z said...

The Incredible Steam Heater


This steam heater will warm up your place in the coldest times. Press down on the heater and the heating coils light up with an ambient red glow. Model contains 50 pieces.

robertegblack said...

three entries:

martin stack and his jalopy, 50 pieces on the nose (including a little decorative steam):

dr augustus "red eye" jacksmith and his boiler propelled racer, 34 pieces):

the last photo of professor james "popper" popplewell, and the only shot of him flying his amazing popper's hopper, only 16 pieces (counting the hat but not counting the clear mounts, which are another 8, for a total of 24):
non-tinted photo (just in case):

brickshelf gallery of all three:

John M. Rudy said...

I tried to stick with the impulse set theory: easily buildable and wooshable.

Here are my two entries:

Leftenant Thaddeus Greene's Patent Pending Selenite Rover

Leftenant Thaddeus Greene, of Her Majesty's Royal Lunar Exploration Corps, and his spit-polished wonder of a lunar rover. Ready to take down any moon-men he may encounter, Leftenant Greene wields a matter disintegrator raygun that doubles as a communications apparatus. He is ready for a smashing time taming the selenite hordes.

(50 pieces as I count, inclusive of turntable as two separate parts)

Arthur Herbert's Threepence-Farthing

Arthur Herbert, delinquent who is know for his fist-slamming of malfunctioning Victrolas and catchphrase, "Hey, chaps...", keeps his custom ride in capital shape. With it's large boiler capacity, unique control apparatus and wide wheelbase, Arthur is ready for any type of race these outrageously "happy days" may bring him.

(50 pieces as I count. I apologize for not being more clear with this character, but "Fonzarelli" doesn't have a steampunk ring, does it?)


Both entries may be found in my flickr set "Lego Steampunk Contest Entries".

Respectfully Submitted,
John Rudy

SirNadroj said...

Here's another entry:

Steampunk Barrel Organ

Based on traditional barrel organs/monkey grinders. Invented to entertain London citizens.

More pictures here:


Horace C said...

Here's my entry, a steampunk Ornithropter named "Motte" ("Moth" in German).

Be sure to check out the gif animation to see it in action!

- Horace

Donnovan Knight said...

May I present Mr. Vandersnoot's Steam Powered Coach.

There's some bonus features in there as well.

I also suffered from brick envy so I had to buy a couple sets to get the pieces I needed.

Had to use all 50 bricks for this, but I'm amazed at what can be created with so few bricks.

Anonymous said...

This Creation is Zam Wessle's Speeder, but Steamier. The Count is EXACTLY 50 Elements. Photos coming soon... By the way, my username is ToaNathanuva, but i forgot my password, so i used anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Here is my entry, a speeder of the Star Wars variety.

TK1420 said...

Here is a little Star Wars pod-racer inspired "SteamPod"


A side view:

From the top:

And the parts:

My apologies for the crummy pictures. My good camera has decided to quit taking stills for some reason and I had to use my camera phone.

SirNadroj said...

I give you the newest steampunk technology in portable music:


And more here:


Anonymous said...

Hi, Roguebantha here. Great contest and some great entries, here's my attempt, The DragonFly!
The wings move up and down as the pistons move in and out. 45 parts all told.
There's more pictures on flickr;

tchad said...

Now you can store over 5 minutes of music in your pocket! With the convenient Cupertino Concertmatic!

The Concertmatic can both record and play using the wax cylinder built right inside. Turn the wheel on the front and watch the cylinder turn inside. All of the gears spin as the needle amplifies the audio stored within!

The handsome Concertmatic is made with the finest ebony and ivory bringing to mind the very pianoforte that might be recorded inside! Sold separately is the fine ivory ampliphone and the wind up docking station.

Warning: do not keep the Concertmatic in a pocket against your body as the wax may melt!


Took forever to get this down to 50 pieces (boy is that black plate dusty!). Thumb wheel, all gears and the cylinder all turn together.

Anonymous said...

I have finished my model., and the bick count, i believe, the brick count is exactly 46. pictues ae on the wa, and hould ariv bofore satuday.

Anonymous said...

ok, seriously, change the font.