Friday, November 2, 2007

New Buy-Me-Mizer Parts

To kick off November, I've added some new parts to the Buy-Me-Mizer.

Three new torsos: Black/Red Striped Pirate shirt, white sleeved X-Team, and a grey shirt with a couple of handguns tucked into the belt.
Three new accessories: Black Cat (just a few in stock, left over from the October promotion, get 'em while you can), Black Broom, and a snowboard.

This puts the current combination total at 72,978,388,560.


Franklyn said...

Hi, Doyle. I've been reading your comic for a while now and I find it very funny! I'm not an adult by the way but I still enjoy your stuff. At 1st it was my 22 yr old sis who told me about your site.

She used it in college and had fun with the mizers. Well, since then I've been reading your awesome comic. Keep up the good work!

Doug7172 said...

Hey Im ready to enter your contest! Got the set last night and built the moc today and will take pics and sendem to you later!

Christopher Doyle said...


Thanks! Not sure that being an adult really helps with enjoying my strip, though. Most of the humor is pretty juvenile as it is. (*insert musical sting here*)

Looking forward to seeing your entry!