Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have the judge's forms in for the Mars Re-Mission contest - I just have to tally the votes and update the entry pages. I may not get to the updates today, but I'll post who the winners are as soon as I get around to totaling the votes.

Most likely that'll be later in the day. Right now there's EATIN' to be done.

Mmmm. Turkey day.


Nick said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chris!

Right now, everyone is downstairs talking while the turkey cooks. I'm not that into conversating so I escaped upstairs. I just wish that turkey wouldc cook faster.

Saber Lion said...

Meh. In England we don't do Thanksgiving.

Nick said...

Oooh, how funny, about halfway through our Thanksgiving.... lupper, it started snowing for the whole of 5 minutes. It all melted within the next 2 minutes.

turkey turkey turkey said...

this message is in leetspeak:11k3
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