Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holdiay Transormation Challenge

Details will be up tonight, but I wanted to announce this latest Challenge before time got away from me...

The basic premise is to build me a holiday themed item that transforms somehow. Maybe a Santa who becomes a sleigh, or a tree that turns into a robot. Be creative!

Entries due by December 31st - that gives everyone a chance to build with any new LEGO bricks they get for the holidays...

Anyway, watch the Blog for more details tonight!


PR said...

do you mean you build something take it apart or like...the transformers toys? i think i can do both

Christopher Doyle said...


I'm thinking more along the lines of Transformer Toys. Autobot Reindeer and Decpticon...uh...Bombles.

Yeah. Like that.

I should have the full contest page up around lunch today.