Friday, November 30, 2007

Episode 271

Read the comic here.

For those of you who don't know the song, Zombie Wash is singing snippets from Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady". At this moment he's either channeling Garth from the Wayne's World movies, or perhaps Slick from the S-Team.

The original script had Wash simply going "Foxy Lady! I like!" in panel two with a stunned silence in panel three. When I was laying out the strip I realized I had a problem in panel four - Fox's voice bubble needed to be on the left, with Whiskey's on the right...and the tails on those bubbles would cover up Wash.

So...rather than take new photos from the reverse angle to fix the dialog problem, I worked the problem into the strip. Lazy? You bet.

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V-Beetle said...

JIMI HENDRIX!!!I LOVE Jimi Hendrix's Music,my favorite song is "fire" and "Purple haze" is a close second."foxy lady" falls somewhere between "crosstown traffic(#4)" and "all along the watchtower(#7)'.