Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December Transformation Challenge: DETAILS!

All the details are up for the December Challenge. Click here to see the page, or just read about it here.

Holiday Transformation Challenge
The final Reasonably Clever Challenge of 2007 is here!

Your job? Build a Holiday Themed Transformer out of LEGO bricks!

Maybe you'll make a Decpticon tree that changes into a robot. Maybe you'll create an Autobot Santa who is also his own sleigh.

Use your imagination, or just watch all those sappy Christmas movies that are on constant rotation on TV these days and drink heavily. It's all the same to us!

Whatever you build, you need to send (CLEAR!) photos of it, along with a short text description to by
Midnight, December 31st!

Entries will be judged on three criteria:

Holiday Mode (25 points)
Robot/Alternate Mode
(25 points)
Coolness (50 points)

Enter as often as you like, international entries are welcome.

Why bother? Because you might just win...

1st Prize: LEGO set 6208: Star Wars B-Wing Fighter!
(no box)

or one of THREE 2nd prizes of a Bionicle Inaka 8727 -Toa Jaller

What are you waiting for? Time's running out...go BUILD!

Oh! And here are a couple of Wallpapers for your desktop. Each is at 800x600. Click to open.


Anonymous said...

Does the transformer have to be transformer themed? As in does it have to be related to the actual transformers? Or can we enter even if we don't know anything about transformers? (Like me)

Christopher Doyle said...

The model you build doesn't have to tie into the existing Transformer storylines or anything. It just needs to be a model that changes from one thing (usually a robot or humanoid form) into another (NOT a robot or human)

Hopefully we'll get a couple of quick entries to show what I'm looking for. :-\

TK1420 said...

Well, this will be a definite challenge. I've already got a couple ideas, just need to figure out how to make them transform.

PR said...

if i do compete it will probably be
small (hurray laziness!)

takua-777 said...

i alreadsy have 2 models that fit this. now, holiday themes... aha, got one.

spacemonkey187 said...

is there any way you could make a decepticon wallpaper
autobots are lame, although prime was pretty cool in the movie

Pumpkinetics said...

Oh, thankyou Chris, I know EXACTLY what I'm building!

Just to let you know it might be slightly politically incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Another contest that's too hard to do. I can't even begin to figure out how to make one that transforms! hehe

Pumpkinetics said...

Oh, it's easy. Just start with the basic object. Then take each part and turn it into a limb. Then just fill in the details!

< /parody of "how to draw" books>

Jordan said...

Well I've got my idea and Its SWEET. (and partly religous)

All Hail The great building powers of JORDAN (Chrises semi half uncles 3rd brothers 2nd Nephews 5th sisters Son)