Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LEGO Sucks.


I'm really annoyed at how LEGO shop-at-home is handling orders. If I put things into my cart as "in stock", go through the whole checkout process as "in stock" and get a confirmation that they are "in stock and shipping soon" I should be fine, right?

Nope. First the status went to "On backorder - will ship in 30 days". A real problem as these were Christmas gifts. But still workable.

Then the second email: "Canceled. We will not be getting any more of item X. Your credit card will not be charged." NOW what am I to do?

Since they moved their distribution center I've had nothing but problems with Shop-at-Home.

First I get someone else's order in my box - I had a huge clearance order and instead I get some low-end Star Wars stuff. By the time I get the box to report the problem all the items I had ordered had gone out of stock, so no LEGO clearance joy for me.

And this will make the third time I've lost out on items (sometimes not even clearance stuff, just IN STOCK items!) because their on-line inventory system apparently has no basis in real stocking levels.

Why even order from them if all you're really doing is putting a hold on funds on your credit card while they decide that "whoops! Once again we actually don't have any of that stuff in our warehouse after all"?

But I know I'll be on their site again soon, putting stuff into their shopping cart and hoping for a miracle.

Because I am LEGO's Bitch.


Doug7172 said...

Hmm yah lego sucks.... You get my email on how lego are making snacks? Wow! BTW I wont be able to get on the computer tommorow when the winners are announced so I would like to go ahead and congragulate who ever wins! And I hope woevere wins enjoys there prize.

Nick said...

I've seen those Lego snacks before. They taste... very generic fruit snackish.

LEGO said...

we totally PWNED you!!!!11!!1!!!

we're in ur backorderz stealin your pieces!!!!!!!!!!

Play Well

Doug7172 said...

Yah Im so sure your the lego company *Rolls eyes*

Oh and nick, The snacks just plain suck, bottom line my brothers is five and he likes em though then again he hates pizza, I do not think he is very ammerican

Christopher Doyle said...

*SNORT* Best comment in my blog yet.

And if you guys think the snacks are bad, you should have tried the waffles.

Adam said...

Fun fact: Lego is currently being controlled by optus, who hope to slowly liquidate the company for their grand infernal masters, Mega-Bloks.

(Now I just have to link them to faking the moon landing)

takua-777 said...

damn lego. they keep not sending my club and s@h catalogues. i havent got one since, like, june.